The Return of Alexander


Former misrepresentative of Ipswich, Alexander Gordon Martin after saying in his disgraceful speech after getting booted that he won’t be standing for election again is standing again. It was the only part of that speech which Ipswich people whole heartedly endorsed. But being Labour, he wasn’t telling the truth because he’s standing again.

Alexander ran his campaign wanting to reverse Brexit and got someone to dress up as a fox, claiming fox hunting was coming back when it wasn’t. He then had the cheek to accuse the Conservatives of winning based on lies. Now after fourteen months of putting his toys back in his pram, Sandy Martin is now coming back to stand in next years County Council elections.

Alexander is replacing Sandra Gage in Rushmere. A woman who issued a complaint of bullying. This is how Ipswich Labour have dealt with the complaint. The complaint was towards Labour Group Leader, Sarah Adams. Of course, as Alexander ‘I won’t be standing again.’ Gordon ‘Get out of my way’ Martin has an ego twice the size of Texas, just being a County Councillor won’t be enough for him and he would be after Sarah Adam’s leadership. Alternatively, he may lose in Rushmere and we can all see him throwing his toys out of his pram again. So whatever the result in Rushmere, what follows will be interesting.

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