Response to Comrade Coates Wokist Nonsense

Here, Ipswich’s Barmy Bolshevik Blogger, Comrade Coates has written an attack on Ipswich’s brilliant MP, Tom Hunt. He calls Tom Hunt alt right, but then as the barmy bolshei supported Corbyn, he probablty would say the same about Stalin. He starts off with a tweet from the author of the dRoss Blog where Ross is most upset that Tom Hunt has an article published in the Express. Comrade Coates then proceeds with a couple of childish insults and claims that the Express is Nigel Farage’s favourite paper.

When Tom Hunt says that woke culture seems to have become an invitation for some of our institutions to undermine social cohesion and local pride. Historic England is the latest prominent example of a once trusted body waging war against our heritage, and in particular our villages, he is telling the truth.

It is true that they have compiled a list of sites across the country which have links to people involved in the transatlantic slave trade. With this list, Historic England has named village halls, farms, schools and parish churches going out of their way to establish even tenuous links with the transatlantic slave trade. This has included chapels where historical figures worshipped and were buried. The sites can house the graves of those who profited directly from slavery, but also their relatives. The Leftwaffe have no idea how barmy it is.

One place that is on their hit list is Wordsworth’s cottage in Sockbridge, Cumbria. William Wordsworth’s brother who supported slavery visited there. The fact that William Wordsworth was against slavery does not matter, he is guilty by association. Another person who visited the cottage was abolitionist, Thomas Clarkson. Clarkson almost got murdered in Bristol exposing the evilness of the slave trade. But not only did he visit the sibling of someone who supported slavery, William Wordsworth, William Wordsworth also visited Thomas Clarkson at his home in Playford, Suffolk. Of course most wokists would have never heard of William Wordsworth or Thomas Clarkson because to be really woke you have to be completely uneducated.

Comrade Coates ends with a tweet by Alasdair Ross and a reply to it from him.

Yet both of them are so proud of our abolitionist history that when it came out that trafficked Vietnamese children were being used as slaves growing cannibis in a loft in Clarkson Street, neither Coates or Ross had anything to say about it. What’s the point in celebrating past victories over slavery while letting it happen today especially when it happens in streets named after those who fought against it?

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