Labour are corrupt

Here the Daily Express reveals how the Labour Party is a nest of self serving, uncaring people. In Bury Lancashire, the Labour council there has been spending £700 a day in election consultancy fees  using grant money given by the Conservat5ive Government to gelp people thorugh the pandemic.

Bury metropolitan borough council is spending thousands of pounds to hire a consultant based 100-miles away in Herefordshire to help organise May’s local elections. The taxpayer money was given to the council by the Government as part of a COVID-19 expenditure pressures grant in December. But being such a selfserving bunchj they’re spending it on getting re-elected.

Bury council is spending thousands in consultancy fees while business owners across the country are struggling to access funding from local authorities.

They spent money for adult social care, children’s services, public health services on getting themselves reelected.

What kind of a councillors would see a trough and immediately put their snouts in it? What kind of councillors would spend public money given to help businesses on themselves? What kind of councillors could be so immoral that they callously take money for adult social care, children’s services and public health services and use it to help themsleves? Labour councillors!

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