Ipswich Labour Councillors Involved in a hate group.

A number of Ipswich councillors for Labour are members of a hate group on Facebook. On the group, these Labour councillors post lies about The excellent Conservative MP for Ipswich, Tom Hunt.

They refused to allow someone to join their purile, bigoted hate group because they were convinced he wanted to join the group to spy on them. But as their group has already been infiltrated, such defensive action would be pointless.

Labour councillors active in the hate group include Grant, Hughs, Trenchard, Colin Smart and Charlie Chaplin Daniel Maguire. There’s also a number of LAbour candidates in the group including Paul Bones.

Years ago, a Labour councillor, who to his credit, does not appear to be a member of the group, didn’t like us Conservative bloggers giving Labour councillors nicknames. I wonder what he has to say about his comrade, Elizabeth Hughs using stupid nicknames like Huntymachuntface.

One member of the group posted a poll asking if Tom was the worst MP in living memory. The result was odd because they all look to be older than 14 months. By what they’re positng they seem to be about 4 at the most.

They also like to notify each other when Tom Hunt is doing a survey to skew the results. Of course, our inteligence sources are aware of this including our spies within the group.

Can somebody find her dummy?

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