Where we are with Covid

Cases are continuing to steadily decline.

Here’s the raw data,

What overall data says is positive therefore the BBC decided to inform us that in some areas of the country it’s going up. But then that’s the nature of averages. Some areas go up and others go down. As they only named to areas, they were just trying to scare people. I have also been informed that Sage members have been prophesying doom over the last 24 hours. I haven’t heard any of them lately though. I saw one on the telly earlier but they were going as I put the telly on, so fortunately I missed him.

The Rolling 14 day death figure (announced – as opposed to date of death) continues to fall at a dramatic rate. The black line appears near vertical.

Here is the rate of change of deathes announced.

The lines are converging and each day the total is droping by 4%.

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