Sarah Barber’s Acting Debut.

Due to Labour councils being so rubbish the Labour Party is fighting this May’s council elections on NHS pay due to there being nothing good to be said about the record of Labour councils anywhere in the country. What is in the interests of residents is of nom concern to the useless, selfserving Labour Party. As a matter of fact, in Ipswich, Priory Heath Councillor for Labour, Sarahn Barber couldn’t attend a planning committee even though there were things on the agenda of great concern to Priory Heath residents. She stars in a Labour Party video where she gives a sob story aboutr the 1% payrise.

She may be a nurse but she is also a Labour councillor. Do Labour really believe the public are thick enough to fall for this nonsense? She even has had a tweet of support from a fellow councillor for Labour.

Obviously when she says ‘we’ she doesn’t mean NHS workers. Be ‘we’ she means Labour. How could all those people Vote Conservative for the forst time in 2019? They feel betrayed by it. As far as we know, she hasn’t appeared on the BBC yet. But as the BBC is the media department of the Labour Party, we are ready to pounce on them when they do it.

The truth is that a lot of NHS workers don’t want a pay rise. Many of them object to being used as a political football by the rancid Labour Party. But Labour need a lie to induce anger amongst the electorate during this year’s council elections and this is what they have chosen.

Either that or to Labour job security, great pensions and way above average holiday allocation amount to nothing.

Labour don’t care about people in the private sector who have lost their homes and relationships becuase of the evil lockdowns that Labour wanted to be earlier, harder and longer. Labour have utter contempt for the traditional working class. In fact, Labour hates us.

Admittedly, Sarah Barber’s acting is a better than the acting of Meghan Markle. The Spectator has a story on Sarah Barber’s acting here.

It is well known that if socialists understood economics they wouldn’t be socialists. There is a simple economic reality they don’t understand. Private sector jobs are wealth creators through private sector taxes, Public sector jobs are wealth devourers. The public sector is paid for including public sector pay by the private sector. Socialists have this strange idea that public sector taxes also pay public sector wages but public sector workers do not pay more in taxes than what they earn. If they did they would be destitItute, which they are not. So for public sector pay to rise, private sector taxes would have to rise. Private sector taxes are down at the moment due to the socialist policies of the SAGE government which have destroyed busineses and livlihoods across the country. Naturally, Labour are not concerned about bussineses and livlihoods in the private sector being destroyed because Labour have such contempt for anybody outside their ever shrinking voter base.

So Labour are fighting the council elections appealling to their ever shrinking vote base. They are not going to gain any votes through this, even though they think they will due to the fact that the Labour Party is barking mad.

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