The Ipswich Labour Star

There is a debate taking place at present.

Where does Paul Geater start and David Ellesmere end?

Some people believe they are the same person, while others believe that they are seperate entities. Still others believe that Paul Geater and David Ellesmere are not real people but in fact pen names of Carrot Road season ticket holder and Ipswich Labour agent, John Cook.

Before the dark days of SAGE government, there were differences. Paul Geater spent his time bird watching at Minsmere while David Ellesmere wasted Ipswich people’s money on vanity projects and John Cook wrote Ipswich Labour’s propaganda. Therefore, it could be deducted that while Paul Geater was watching the Avocets, Teal and the odd Hen Harrier, John Cook wrote the propaganda on behalf of Paul Geater and David Ellesmere.

So we can answer the question,

Where does Paul Geater start and David Ellesmere end?

They are both John Cook.

It is apparant that though the person that is Paul Geater has time to write due to trips to Minsmere being non essential, the arrangement has continued.

Today, Carrot Road saeson ticket holder and Ipswich Labour agent John Cook has writen a piece under his prefered pen name of Paul Geater claiming that former mayor of Ipswich, Sarah Barber has been the victim of online trolls. It claims that she came under fire from many anonymous social media users. Like the ,majority of articles with Paul Geater’s name on them, it is plain bullshit. Paul Geater alias John Cook calls six tweets that were more against the national Labour Party an attack on an individual by many.

It calls Sarah Barber ‘former mayor’ to deflect from the fact that she is a sitting Labour councillor and politburo holder in the Soviet Republic of Ipswich.

Being a Labour rag, the propaganda peice also has the video and the stupid letter by Ipswich Labour councillors. Naturally The Morning Ipswich Star doesn’t mention what some Conservatives tweeted in regard to the matter.

According to Ipswich Labour, Councillor Cenci’s tweet above is proof that a Conservative councillor launched a vicous attack. Ipswich Labour are such liars aren’t they?

The story is that Labour created a deception and the deception was exposed and so, Ipswich Labour have crreated another deception to cover up the exposure. Also, Ipswich Labour have absolutely nothing to say about this reply to a tweet by Alasdair Ross against Conservative, Sam Murray,

The mud Labour slings sticks to them better.

Then there is the abuse against Ipswich Conservatives which John Cook Paul Geater has nothing to say about.

Ipswich Labour are such hypocrites. But then John Cook is politically vicious whatever alias he uses.

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