Green’s Target Wickham Division

The Green Party has been canvassing in Melton. We even had the pleasure of being canvassed by them. In fact, his face was beaming when I told him I’d been delivering leaflets and then I told him who for. Anyway, since then we have obtained an out card. The ouc=t card ckains that it’s a two hhorse race between the Greens and Alexander Nichol.

The claim is based on the Distirct Council result in Melton in 2019. Naturally no mention is made that no Labour or Green candidate was standing formthe district council elections n Melton. Even if the result for Melton happened again, it’s not lkely to happen for the rest of the County Division of Wickham.

Here s the 2017 result for Wickham Division.

In 2017, when UKIP got wiped out in Suffolk, the Green’s finished behnd UKIP in Wickham Division. Where is the UKIP vote likely to go? I think we know.

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