The Dirty Lib Dems Continue Campaigning

The dirtiest campaigners in British Politics, the dirty, vulterine, dirty Lib Dems have continuerd campaigning. After some bloke by the name of Ed Davey announced that the scavengers were suspending their campaign, today thay have been seen arounfd the UK dirtily pecking around for votes.

They were spotted campaigning in Peterborough early today

Shortly after this they were out in Lambeth and announced it on Twitter.

They Were also delivering in Twickenham,

What a slap in the face to Prince Philip they have done. They have been campaigning in Hull also,

They are such dishonest campaigners and saying they’re suspending campaigning while having no intention too is typical of them.

They have also been campaigning in Exeter

Also, they been spotted campaigning in Epping Forest

Also the dirty yellow vultures less than 24 hours after the Lib Dems announced they were not campaigning they were knocking on doors and duplicitly agreeing with everybody to get votes in Tunbridge Wells.

The dirty vultures were also campaigning around Aldershot.

Also, they were in Harengey High Street.

Fib Dems have also been delivering in Portchester.

and Sheffield.

The Lib Dems have been deliverng in Cherltenham,

What liars the Lib Dems are.

I love this reply. It shows how disrespectful the vultures are.

We have been informed that the Lib Dems have been campaigning in Suffolk too but have not seen any evdence to fry them on the Suffolk Lib Dems favourite blog.

The Lib Dems said they had suspended campaigning because they say what they ythink people want to hear. That’s why thery just agree with everything that’s said to them on the doorstep. They are dirty, duplicitous vultures who embelish the truth and attack nastily as part of their flthy campaign method

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