Labour’s Smeer Campaigns

David Cameron did not do anything wrong when lobbying for Greensill Capital. There was no cronyism hence he was refused and the copmpany went bust.

The contract given to a company Matt Hancock has shares in was given by the Welsh Labour governement. Naturally, that state imposed poll tax funded 24/7 party political broadcast for the Labour Party, the BBC, had the fact as a footnote. They made a fuss about Matt Hancocks sister being a director. If Labour think that Matt Hancock’s sister’s business is any of his, then they must have wierd family relationships.

They are trying to put it across that Matt Hancock is a director of the company. Here is Matt Hancock’s profile at Companies’ House. I see no directorship involving healthcare there. Can you?

So what is the story Labour are really worried about?

That’s the real story. Labour are going down in flames.

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