Keir Starmer gets booted out of a pub.

In Bath today Rod Humphris, landlord of the Raven pub, was manhandled by one of Keir Starmer’s henchmen as he demanded the fanatical Coronatarian to leave.

Keir Starmer spent a year telling people that not only should they close involuntarily, but close longer than Boris suggested. Besides as nobody is allowed in pubs at the moment, Starmer was breaking the Lockdown. “I really don’t need lectures from you” He siad. What an arrogant, patronising bastard Starmer is.

As. we are presently only allowed in pub gardens and not in pubs themselves at the moment, what was Starmer doing going into the building? Landlord Rod Humphris would have every right to prosecute Starmer and his henchman for trespassing.

The landlord said to Starmer,

“You have failed me! I’ve been a Labour voter my entire life. You have failed to be the opposition. You failed to ask whether lockdown was functioning… I am telling you this now – and I hope it goes out – you have failed this country.”

Concerning the incident, Nigel Farage said,

 “shows that Starmer’s team are rank amateurs. Clearly no advance reconnaissance was done here. Idiots.”

The violence by Starmer’s henchman trying to wrestle the landlord shows yet agian that the Labour Party are a party of bullies.

The Landlord said it how it is,

You failed to ask the questions that needed asking. Why have we just accepted lockdown? Why have we just accepted the loss of all our freedoms?

He’s absolutely right. Where has been the proper debate?

Labour’s press office has said the landlord who confronted Sir Keir Starmer was “spreading dangerous misinformation” about the pandemic, adding that the party leader spoke to him afterwards and argued “restrictions – while painful – have been absolutely necessary to save lives”

Peer reviewed articles saying lockdowns don’t work 7 Peer reviewed articles saying lockdowns do work 0.

‘According to the Office for National statistics it’s 82 years and three months. The average age of death normally? Eighty one years.

‘Do you understand we have fucked our economy because old people are dying?’

Rod Humphris, landlord

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