Saudi Authorities Keeping Bodies of those they have executed

Mujtaba al Sweikat was on his way to start his university studies in the United States. He never made it. Instead, he was arrested at the airport. He was tortured until he ‘confessed’. And eventually, he was one of 37 people killed on April 23, 2019. 

Mujtaba’s family were not warned that he would be executed. They were never able to say goodbye. And now, they have been waiting almost two years to give him a proper burial.  

None of the families of the 37 people killed were contacted prior to the mass execution. None were afforded the opportunity to say their goodbyes. They have the right to mourn their loved ones – and this is not possible without a proper burial. 

They have repeatedly said they “want to bury him in his land… where he was raised.”

More here

Sign petition calling on Saudi Arabia to return the bodies of the people they executed on April 23, 2019 here.

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