The CofE ‘leaders’ have gone from being ridiculous to risible

The Church within these isles has suffered waves of iconoclasm over the centuries. The first inconoclasts were in fact the Normans who desecrated our shrines and imposed their practices on us. The second wave of iconoclasm was during the reformation. There was considerable damage done to our heritage during the riegn of Henry VIII. The third wave of iconoclasm happened was done by the Puritans. Like the Normans, the Puritans were the Wokists of the day. They had no time for different oppinions. It was their way or else. They did much damage to our Christian heritage. Eventually it calmed down and the CofE was somewhere where different traditions were respected. Now we have a fourth wave of Iconoclasm. It is being waged by the leaders of the Church of England and they put the Puritans in the shade.

People may not be allowed to attend Church services because of vaccine passports and the CofE leadership won’t raise a finger because they’s rather be partnering with Durham University in a project to support decarbonisation. People being disenfranchised is of no concern to them because they’d rather have a market held in the temple courts than get out a whip.

Concerning the driving out of the market traders from the temple. Jesus called siad that they’d turned it into a den of robbers. The reason he said that was because the market was being held in the court of the gentiles and so they were robbing the gentiles of their place in God’s kingdom. Vaccine passports would deny people access to things and therefore would rob them of their place not just i the church but in society as a whole. Vaccine passports are politically, scientifically and theologically anethema. But the CofE leadership has siad nothing.

What would they rather talk about?

Well the Arch Heretic of Canterbury would rather talk about George Floyd than talk about a possible injustice taking place within these shores. He would also rather talk about the need for a public enquiry.

I believe that some sort of enquiry has to take place. But the idea that it would bring comfort is utterly ridiculous. It could rumble on for a decade. God is the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, If his grace thinks an enquiry will bring comfort, he’s looking to the wrong source for it.

Besides, maybe we should have a public enquiery into why the CofE bishops forsook Christ and the gospel and concentrated on physical health and protection and avoided any message of hope or salvation, allowing fear to reign supreme. The message of staying at home to stay safe was preached instead of the fact that Christ has conquered death. There was no message of comfort from them.

The reason for this is a problem that was known about by the early Church Fathers.#

“The Apostle requires the people to know the Word of God, not simply, but in great abundance.”“…the one great cause of all evils is ignorance of Scripture…”

Saint John Chrysostom

This is made apparant by the fact that they have had an equiry into racism in the church.

Is Christ divided? When Saint Paul asked that he followed up the question explaiing how absurd such a claim would be. It’s a very flawed report. It is shot through with Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory is highly prejudiced and based on identity politics which is divisive. Unlike the gospel of unity in Christ. Critical Race Theory also assumes structural racism from the outset rather than gather evidence to come to a conclusion. I believe that Saint John Chrysostom was right and that the CofE House of Bishops et al need to get their bheads out of the Guardian. Critical Race Theory is itself racist. Satan can not drive out Satan.

Becuase they’d rather study the Guardian rather than the Bible, their understanding of theology is sadly lacking. They have come to the conclusion that the church is institutionally racist. To come to such an outlandish claim, one has to have absolutely no understanding of ecclesiology. You see, the Church is not an institution. She is the body and bride of Christ.

Saint :Paul said  he chose us in him before the creation of the world. An institution has a date of founding, the Church doesn’t. They think the Church is something created with human hands. As she is the body of Christ, to claim she is racist, is to claim Christ is racist. Christ is so against racism that he got out a whip when a market was held in the court of the Gentiles. In Christ there is no Jew or Greek, slave or free, all are one in him.

On Saint George’s Day they were debating the plight of the Copts. Becuase of ancient trading networks the Coptic Church has influenced The Church within these isles. The Copts are decendednts of the Desert Fathers and through trade, they introduced monasticism to the Celtic Church of which the Celtic saints were part of. The Copts influence was such that Celtic bishops wore crowns like they do in the east rather than miteres as we do in the west. So it seemed good that they were debating their plight on Saint George’s day. Also the Copts would tell us that the dragon represents evil, the damsel in distress represents the Church and Saint George represents a Christian valiantly defending her for Christ.

“How did the debate go?” You may be wondering.

So certain church “leaders” don’t really care about Christians being martyred. They’d probably rather talk about how the word ‘scone’ is pronounced  than debate how to stop people getting butchered. It’s vomit inducing. When it comes to woke issues they are full of painful struggle, but when it comes to Christians being martyred, they find discussing cream and jam more interesting.

So Christians are being martyred, people may end up being treated like lepers because of vaccine passports. But all these comfortable Guardianista’s who are supposed to be leading the church can think about is jam & scones. The fact that they find ‘cream first or jam first’ more interesting than the plight of the Copts and the fact that the Arch Heretic of Canterbury sent the Primate a snotty letter and has said nothing about the persecution the Nigerian Church is suffering by Islamists in the country, may be because underneath their masks of wokeness, it is in fact them that are being racist, instead of aknowledging that all are one in Christ.

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