Paul Cawthorn and Stephen Ion for Rushmere

Paul has always been concerned about keeping all residents safe. He helped launch the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme at Jubilee Park, Rendlesham Road, and since moving here over 5 years ago, has taken over the running of the St Mary’s Community Neighbourhood Watch when the previous leader retired.

As a music lover Paul used to DJ at charity events, and parties, and still plays the cornet in Ipswich Hospital Band, having learnt the trumpet whilst at Copleston School, raising money for local charities, including, Lighthouse Women’s Refuge. “We need to keep our streets safe at night for women, and all members of our community.”

Paul is an active campaigner, including making St Mary’s roundabout safer after too many accidents. Paul also likes listening to local residents’ concerns, in order to help everyone in the community.

‘Very much a people person, I welcome everyone to Ipswich, no matter what their background. We must all get on and help our neighbours.

“I want older people to stay active and help train young people to better equip them for adult life. I really enjoyed English and music at Sidegate Lane Primary School, as well as Rushmere cubs and weekends away.  Camping under the stars with other scouts, was a wonderful countryside fresh air experience, building teamwork in my Rushmere Scouts patrol. Earning badges in the winter months, and  eventually rising through the ranks to be made a patrol leader built confidence in me.

“Now more than ever, I am convinced these outside activities are vital for our young people, so they retain a good level of fitness, and mental alertness, with continued walking, cycling and swimming in later life, especially in the warm summer months, when we can all take advantage of Felixstowe’s nearby calm sea, when safe to do so. 

“The Labour controlled Ipswich Borough Council has borrowed millions to buy empty and unwanted buildings such as the “ Toys’R Us” store at Copdock. Ipswich Council taxpayers will be saddled with the consequential capital and interest costs for this debt for many years to come and it is time to support an effective Conservative  “value for money” approach.”

Stephen lives in north-east Ipswich and was previously your Councillor to 2019.

During that time he has stood up for residents’ views against the Labour run Council – most notably when over 250 local people opposed the Council’s own controversial planning application in Sidegate Lane. He is determined that residents’ opinions be heard at planning meetings.

He also believes that Ipswich has great potential if money is spent in the right areas. Under the Conservatives we can achieve that vision.

Please give Stephen your support on 6 May.

So please vote for PAUL CAWTHORN – your Conservative candidate for Rushmere Division at Suffolk County Council and STEPHEN ION, your Borough Candidate.

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