What Would the Poets Say

What is to compare to a Lockdown day?
Even Shakespeare would have nothing to say.
Wordsworth now lonely as a cloud
That floats o’er vales and hills,
For no more is any crowd
and no more ringing tills.
For it has desolated every town
That junk science of Lockdown.

Could be Elizbeth Barrett Browning
Would struggle to speak anything of SAGE.
Mental health issues, feels like we’re drowning
How do I hate you? Let me count the ways.
An acheing and a longing to be free
Believing in it with my every breath,
Will not be in fear of Covid 19
My love for freedom is stronger than death.

Morning to evening we hear the media lie
Of doom and gloom they do speak,
Offering their bitter fruit.
‘Could be another wave’ a creedal cry
Like Rossetti’s goblins they squeak,
As fear and dread take root.

They forced all the ale houses to shut
William Blake would plead for some ale,
As we emerged heading out of the rut
The Coronatarian cultists start to wail
While around town Covid Marshals do their rounds
Binding with briars our hopes and desires.

Illogical fear takes centre stage
Against livlihoods they wage,
How would Betjeman rhyme?
Come now rain friendly bombs on SAGE
Let them appear in The Hague,
To answer for their every crime.

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