Gipping Ward Residents deserve Better than what they’ve had from Labour

After a day of campaigning out here in the sticks, I decided to go somewhere else to campaign. Somewhere where the enemy is yesterdays news, somewhere where the enemy is weak. I went to what will be a County Town the whole of Suffolk will be proud of again when the Conservatives take control of the council there. The canvas return was awesome. I was quite amazed. On Friday evening, Chantry Division will have two Conservative Councillors and it’s just as well. It’s just as well because in Gipping Ward there are potholes that two and a half years ago would have got fixed when they were a quarter of the size they are now. I was somewhat put back by how the roads have deterioated in the ward. I had no idea that by reporting them and hassling people in the County Highways Department, I was stopping residents of Gipping Ward see how rubbish their Labour councillors are.

I was very moved by a number of residents around the flowers telling me they missed me being a Conservative activist in the ward, because I would have taken action. They’re not wrong.

Well the evidence of Labour councillors rubbishness is all to plain to see. The Size of the potholes in Marigold Avenue for instance, nearly made my eyes water.

Each county councillor gets their own Highways Locality Budget. If they don’t spend it, they hand it back. In Chantry Division, the two Labour councillors handed back over £80,000. They handed back over £80,000 of their Highways Locality Budget after allowing roads to look like they’ve been hit by a meteor shower. It’s scanderlous! How dare they blame the Conservative County Council for their failure to do what they were elected to do!

Gipping Ward residents don’t deserve to be treated in such a contemptous way. It is an outrage!

What do Gipping Ward Residents need to do to stop being treated like this? They need to go down the polling station and vote for Nadia Cenci, Nathan Wilson and Mark Phillips.

Vote Conservative!

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