Potholes and Labour Councillors

Tom Hunt says,

I was out last week Gainsborough talking to local residents following a survey I carried out a month or so ago. There were some pretty shocking potholes like these at the entrance to Worcester Road. This is a problem we are seeing time and again across the whole of our town and I believe that it is absolutely unacceptable.

Each local county councillor gets their own “locality budget” to spend on sorting these sorts of issues out but I understand that the outgoing Labour Gainsborough councillor has left around £50,000 unspent in her own budget. The same has happened in Chantry and Stoke Park ward where the local Labour Councillor has left £82,000 in their locality budget. This is all money that should be going to fix our roads. In contrast, Ipswich’s Conservative County Councillors fully allocated their budgets for their local areas.

So often local Labour councillors across our town seem to almost welcome potholes instead of actually using all means at their disposal to sort out the problems because they see it as an opportunity to score political points and simply blame the County Council. Ipswich deserves councillors who will work constructively to sort out road and pavement quality issues. Not just play politics.

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