Labour Today (Meltdown Special)

Labour Today
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After over five years, it appears that Operation Three Quid is still paying dividends. But that said, it is likely that they’d have voted for the brilliant Jeremy Corbyn to be leader anyway. Obviously if they are bonkers enough to make Vicky Pollard deputy leader, they would have voted for Jeremy Corbyn. As Operation Three Quid was being developed I said that it wasn’t needed becuase I had faith in the stupidity of Labour Party members. But seeing how it’s going, it looks like Labour are going the way of oter detestable parties in the country’s politcal history.

Labour managed to do well in expensive parts of London and in Cambridgeshire where plenty of overpaid public sector workers live, but this was to be expected, after all, Labour are the party of the rich.

What Labour Stand For

The Labour Party has changed over recent years to be completely fubared. For instance, on Twitter, the author of the dRoss Blog first said that the towns fund was a bribe from the government, then he claimed it was Ipswich Labour investing in the town, then he said it was a bribe again. Not long ago, Labour kept their lies consistant.

But what a Labour for? Well we don’t know because they don’t know either. It appears to be nothing. Some of their members aren’t even for the Labour party anymore. For instance, sitting Woodbrige town Labour councillors had boards in their gardens for the LIb Dems. They also decided at a meeting in 2019 to all vote for the Yellow Peril instead of Labour. The Labour party throughout Suffolk are in complete disaray.

Starmer’s Awesome Leadership

Jeremy Corbyn was undubtedly the best Labour leader ever. But unbelievably, Keir Starmer could even surpass the brilliant Jeremy Corbyn in greatness. The swing away from Labour is even better in some parts of the country than it was under the Magic Grandpa. Labour should keep him so he can continue the great work he is doing turning the Labour Party into the irrelivance it should be.

The Shape of Suffolk County Council

Will Labour attempt to form a coalition with other insignificant, minor parties? I can see Sandy and Caroline getting on really well. Well actually I can’t. But we have been informed that the Greens plan to go in with the Yellow Peril to be the official opposition and as Suffolk people, Suffolk Labour only hate green and yellow. This means that Labour’s options are to form a coalition with the independents and be pointless with them or remain by themselves and be pointless on their own. We have been informed that Labour are now so few that they no longer qualify for a tax payer funded researcher. Labour have been wiped out in Haverhill and Lowestoft. The only place they are is in Ipswich and they can;t even claim to represent Ipswich with their four county councillors because in Ipswich, the Conservatives have a magnificent seven.


I was going to write a tribute to the fallen and talk about what former Labour councillors did. But after mush thought apart from being part of a County Council administration that whacked up council tax extorianately and allowing Suffolk to become the largest English county without an airport, I can’t think of anything of note that they actually did. But it’s only right to thank them for their years of public service. So Thank you to them. More so, thank you to the electorate throughout Suffolk.

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