Lib Dem Focus

We have been informed that locally the Yellow Peril made a deal with the Greens. The deal was that the Green’s wouldn’t put up a candidate in Woodbridge to help them there in exchange for the lib Dems not putting up a candidate in Wickham to help the Greens there. This no doubt helped Caroline Page increase her majority in Woodbridge but concerning Wickham, fortunately the Yellow peril went back on the deal and kept the Greens out. But the Greens got their revenge by get rid of Lib Dems elsewhere in the county meaning the Lib Dems thjough they gained Stowmarket North, have gone from five seats to three.

In Ipswich, the Saint Margeret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dems thought they were going to gain one in Saint Margeret’s But Conservative candidate, Debbie Richards after campainging hard, took the seat instead. The Lib Dems also targetted Bosmere Division and conducted a particularly dirty and vicious campaign. But pleasingly, decency prevailed and the Yellow Peril failed in Bosmere and Conservative, Kay Oakes was reelected.

After the secret deals and Skulduggerybetween the Yellow Peril and the Greens, we have heard that they a negotiating with each other to form a coalition to become the official opposition. This would trigger extra allowances for their leaders. The thing is the Lib Dems are a nightmare to work with, therefore we look forward to lots of juicy leaks about disagreements between them and the Greens over the next four years.

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