Vile Ipswich Labour Make Member of FB Hate Group Mayor

Ipswich Labour are so contemptous they are making a member of an FB hate group the mayor. She’s been a councillor a couple of years and been involved in an FB hate group.

The appointment of Elizabeth Hughes as mayor shows just how contemptous Ipswich Labour are. After being part of a Facebook hate group that encouraged the bullying of Conservative candidates and promoted hate, unbelievably she says she’ll promote ‘joy, hope and happiness’ It’s vomit inducing isn’t it?.

She is set to be formally confirmed at Wednesday night’s annual ipswich Labour Love In general meeting at the Corn Exchange. According to the Ipswich Labour Star, the recovery of businesses, organisations, events and communities from the pandemic is set to be a major part of her work in the town. Ipswich Labour are as much use to businesses as a chocalate fireguard.

She said: “I am thrilled to be asked, it’s a huge honour and I am absolutely delighted to take it on. No, being made mayor is not a huge honour in Ipswich because Ipswich Labour have the position in contempt like they hold the people of Ipswich in contempt, as I said last year, here. and in 2018 here. In other town’s the position is given as a reward for public service. Not in Ipswich. Last year, they made a Holywells councillor mayor to be spiteful towards Liz Harsant, this year they have made a former member of a hate group mayor to be spiteful towards people who the group aimed its hate towards. Ipswich Labour are that vile.

Liz Harsant has been an Ipswich Borough Councillor since 2002, 19 years! She was leader of the Council in Ipswich’s darkest time during the murders by the man labelled the Suffolk strangler. This amazing woman has never been mayor of Ipswich. You see, Ipswich Labour appoint people as mayors to be spiteful towards other people. Ipswich Labour like being spiteful. They’ve made Elizabeth Hughes mayor out of spite becuase they’re a bunch of childish bullies.

Ipswich Labour are so purile they must be delighted at the anger and disgust at them making that utterly insufferable woman the mayor. After this, I consider Ipswich Labour to be lower than vermin. Next May can’t come soon enough because next May is when the Conservatives will take control of Ipswich Borough Council.

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2 Responses to Vile Ipswich Labour Make Member of FB Hate Group Mayor

  1. Julie says:

    That’s terrible. What an awful insult to the town. How could they be so nasty? Ipswich Labour are so horrible.

  2. bluemonday75 says:

    It’s a shambles but then again half of labour Cllrs are momentum trolls seeking to make the lives of others a complete misery. Being racist and nasty is part of who labour are these days sadly.

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