Former Ipswich Labour Mayors Unite against Ipswich Labour

Tonight at the Ipswich Council AGM it was announced that the portfolio for communities is to be scrapped. This is no surprise because Ipswich Labour do nothing for the welfare of different communities, for instance, when we were having waves of immigration from the EU, we who lived in the London Road area were left to get on with it and we managed to get different immigrant communities integrated into the local community with no help from Ipswich Labour.

But the scrapping of the communities portfolio has caused two former Labour mayors to take aim at their comrades.

Former mayor, Glen Chisholm took to Twitter,

It is disapointing indeed. Glen’s tweet was replied to by his fellow former Labour mayor, Jan Parry,

Glen then expressed his disapointment further,

Maybe ISCRE the refugee council et al are doing such a good job that a hands on approach from the council isn;t needed. That said, surely it’s better for someone with sn understanding of the issues to attend meeting to be able to give a concise brief to fellow councillors.

This latest Ipswich Labour policy is so bad, even Ipswich Labour members are speaking out against it.

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