Peace Rally in Tel Aviv Yesterday

Peace Rally, Tel Aviv, yesterday evening.

Here Haaretz reports,

A pro-peace rally in central Tel Aviv on Saturday drew several thousand participants, calling for Jewish-Arab partnership and urging Israel to work toward resolving its decades-long conflict with the Palestinians, which flared up over the past two weeks with deadly fighting in the Gaza Strip.

The translation of Hebrew to English is,

At least 1,000 protesters are currently protesting in Tel Aviv in support of a ceasefire and in favor of a Jewish-Arab partnership. The demonstration organized by, among others, “Standing Together” and “Breaking the Silence” began with a march from Rabin Square to Habima Square, where a rally will be held in which David Grossman, Ayman Odeh, Tamar Zandberg and other speakers will speak.

If you click on the tweet, there is a whole thread that includes this tweet,

The Hebrew to English translation is,

The government wants to separate Jews and Arabs. They are lost – we have a way.

Author David Grossman told the crowd at Habima Square:

“We, Israelis, still refuse to realize the time is over in which our power can force a reality that’s convenient for us and only for us, for our needs and interests.”

Ayman Odeh, leader of the three-way Arab-majority Joint List, said in his speech that

“War is only good for the warlords… for Benjamin Netanyahu, but it’s bad for both peoples. There are civilians in Gaza and there are civilians in Israel, and we have to keep them out of the circle of terror.”

Odeh called for “a joint future for us all,” a sentiment seconded by another politician who spoke at the rally, Meretz’s Tamar Zandberg.

Zandberg said at the rally:

“It’s no coincidence that the violence broke out just when we began to feel that maybe Jews and Arabs can cooperate in politics too. Some people wanted to sabotage this vision, they wanted to continue sowing hatred and incitement and violence. But this evening and here, we are telling them – enough, no. Now too we can and must establish a different government in Israel that will not encourage hatred, will not incite, will not separate Jews and Arabs.”

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