The Adventures of Martin Cook Part Three

Since the second part of this odyssey I wrote about here the Duck pond Councillor’s adventures have continued. He has written a blog post full of lies about the chicane in Maryon Road full of lies here. claiming ‘Tory chicanery’

It’s been an incredible week for our campaign to remove the traffic chicane on Maryon Road, which has been gathering pace since I wrote to newly elected County Councillor Liz Harsant to ask for her support on 15 May

This is interesting becuase after correspondence between him and the recently ousted Labour County Councillor in regard to this, nothing happened. It’s almost as if Martin Cook is glad to see the back of the former councillor and member of the other Cook dynasty amongst Ipswich Labour.

He also says,

Mr Hunt seemed faintly disappointed when later in the week his freedom of information request to Suffolk County Council confirmed that I had indeed been lobbying on the matter since 2019!

But what resulted from his lobbying? The then County Councillor for Labour did absolutely nothing.

Then he says,

The problem has been getting the highways authority, Conservative-controlled Suffolk County Council, to do anything about it.

The Labour County Councillor was to lazy to do anything about it, so to cover up her failings, he’s blaming the Conservatives. He believes it’s removal is unstopable now. But that would be because Conservertive County Councillor for Gainsborough, Liz Harsant is likely to do something about it and get what needs to be done, done.

He has also written another blog post about graffitti. here.

He says,

Through April and May I reported no less than eleven graffitied street telecoms cabinets across Gainsborough. Using my favourite website/app – fixmystreet –

Oh don’t we know it’s his favourite website/app. But as I get updates on reports within a 15 mile radious of my location, if the Duck Pond Councillor’s adventures started as far back as April, I’m sure I would have noticed a spike in reports from Gainsborough. But there was no spike.

He then says,

I want Gainsborough to look its absolute best,

Well why wasn’t he doing anything until this year? Why does he all of a sudden care? He’s scared of losing his seat next year.

The Duck Pond Councillor’s adventures have gone beyond Gainsborugh. Earlier this week he was reporting potholes in Ravenswood. Though Ravenswood should be in Gainsborough Ward, it’s in Priory Heath because Ipswich Labour gerrymandered the boundaries to stop Gainsborough going Conservative. But Ipswich Labour’s skullduggerous gerrymandering failed to achieve it’s sordid aims and hence, Gainsborough has gone Conservative.

Apart from this Martin Cook’s adventures have taken him back to Maryon Road where he reported some flooding. Maybe the water reminded him of the duck pond near where he lives. Now today, his adventures have taken him as far away from both the duck pond and Gainsborough Ward you can get. His adventures have taken him into Sprites Ward where becuase Conservatives have been councillors there recently as now, there wasn’t much he could find apart from a dead hedgehog at the top of Kingfisher Avenue.

Where will the Duck Pond Councillor’s adventures take him next? There’s no point in him going into Saint Margeret’s becuase the long grass in Borrowdale Avenue and the overflowing litter bin in Chelsworth Avenue have already been reported.

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