Long Covid Sufferers Still Being let down

Here last August, Ireported on reviews by Post Acute Covid Syndrome (PACS 19) paitients of the Your Covid Recovery App.

One sufferer said this,

“The new Your Covid Recovery app is out…its a bag of crap. Exercise they say..if only. As predicted. GP referrals required. NHS bollocks.”

There is also this positive review of the app

No treatment plans or info. Absolutely fuck all.

Now though there is a peer reviewed treatment that sorts out the medical issues thast would save the government money, The Department of Health and Socvial Care isn’t interested in it. Instead they are sticking with ‘Your Covid Recovery’ which is so woeful, none of us have heard of a patient using it.

‘Your Covid Recovery’ is designed for patients sick for 12 weeks.. But there is nothing for those who are as much as 15 months sick.

 Lord Bethell hosted the round table discussions. There he and Matt Hancock claim to look for solutions. Lord Bethel has replied to PACS 19 group founder Louise Barnes via Therese Coffey after Louise got fed up of having no response to the peer reviewed article being on Matt Hancock’s desk.

The response was an apraisal of the much maligned ‘Your covid Recovery’ They are pushing Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) as the solution. Of course, GET isn’t going to deal with posible long term organ damage. Also, Hancock and Bethell are into sucking up to left wing people that the useless APPG chair Layla Moran sucks up to. It is looks like both the APPG and Round Table have been set up to benifit certain people in what looks like a sordid chumocracy.


Dr. Caroline Kamau – Birkbeck, University of London, has written a statement for the House of Lords warning the government that that the future workforce will be crippled becuase of long Covid and the government need to start planning for that now.

She says,

The House of Lords must alert the government about evidence showing that
“long covid” (which includes debilitating fatigue and negative health effects)
might last for years among sufferers, posing a long-term risk to the nation’s
workforce and economy. This report discusses evidence that viruses can trigger
long-term fatigue that severely impairs the personal and occupational
functioning of sufferers, including evidence from populations affected by SARSCoV-1 where 1 in 4 had debilitating chronic fatigue lasting over 4 years later.
Due to post-viral chronic fatigue being a condition that can force people into
becoming housebound or unable to work, the House of Lords must alert the
government of the risks currently facing people within the UK who were infected
with covid-10:

Key points
• There is the risk of higher unemployment rates among people who had
• There is the risk of higher underemployment rates among people who
had covid-19 e.g., more switching to part-time working or lower skilled
jobs because of health problems.
• There is the risk of future staff shortages in occupations with a high
prevalence of covid-19.

But of course this is of no concern to Lord Bethel, Layla Moron or Twat Hancock.

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