SAGE Junta wants to keep us under Communism.

While cases iof the Indian Delta Scarient are rising, hospitalisations and deaths are falling.

Unlike previous times when infection rates have gone up, hospitalisations and deaths are going down due to the effectiveness of the vaccine. This means there is no point delaying openning up on June 21st to ‘protect the NHS’ though that was probably not what Lockdown was all about. Clearly a case increase is not a problem if vulnerable people are protected.

The junta are claiming that the Indian Delta scarient is 64% more infectious thann the Kent Alpha scarient. But here Lockdown Sceptics inform us,

In the underlying study the researchers admit they did not control for the crucial factor of household size – bigger households will tend to have more secondary infections because there are more people in the household being exposed. The authors acknowledge that many of the Delta variant households may have been larger than Alpha variant households (say, because of different proportions of different ethnic groups), and also that many of the matched controls may have lived alone – they have no way of knowing.

Also, the lockdown Sceptics article says,

The latest figures for secondary attack rates are 11.3% for the Delta variant versus 8% for the Alpha variant. In relative terms that’s 41% more infectious, but in absolute terms it’s only 3.3% more contacts becoming infected, which is tiny. The fact that 88.7% of contacts of people infected with the Delta variant (and 92% with the Alpha variant) do not become infected is once again an indication of the high levels of immunity that exist in the community to this disease, whatever the variant. Note that the issue about larger household size for Delta variant infections may also be present here.

Furthermore, the ndian Delta scarient hasn;t spread at 64% anywhere else. Sounds like another prophecy of doom by Junta officer, Neil Ferguson.

Here there is another article by Lockdown Sceptics which says that the Junta wants to keep the authoritarian communist project to destroy capitalism to continue for another four weeks after June 21st. Apparantly, we’re going to hear all about it on monday. The Prime Minister has bgeen bullied by the authoritarian communist SAGE Junta to carry on fucking up the economy and people’s lives for no apparant reason.

Here the Telegraph reports,

June 21st will no longer herald a full return to normality after Boris Johnson resigned himself to a delay of up to four weeks in lifting the remaining Covid restrictions.

The Prime Minister will tell the country on Monday that the latest data on the spread of the Indian or Delta virus variant means it is too risky to go ahead as planned. A four-week delay would mean pushing the date back to July 19th.

Florida has been open since September 2020. Texas reopened in March. But this delay means the U.K. won’t be open until at least July 19th.  If Boris Johnson doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to the tyranny of the SAGE Junta, then he should resign. So we can have somebody with the backbone to restore freedom.

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