Coypu back in Suffolk

Back in February I reported here that after a thirty year abscence, Coypu are back in Suffolk.

There has been no signs and sightings of coypu in Melton since the last snow we had so I presumed the cold snap took them all out. Also after the snow the rat population exploded and that would be becuase with the coypu gone the rats had more food available.

There is also a lot more vegetation on the Carter Warburg land than in previous years but that may be due to the amount of rain we’ve had instead of the abscence of coypu eating 25% of their body weight a day. But they’re still along the Deben.

Somebody spotted one in Ramsholt yesterday and commented on my post about thier return in February.

I definitely saw a coypu today near the Deben, just up from Ramsholt church near a small reservoir. I remember them from my childhood in rural north Essex where they habited, and was surprised to see one. So googled and came across your blog

Their population is probably quite low at the moment but is we have a couple of mild winters they’ll be a problem.

Coypu maybe back but it’s not all bad news because so is the British Black Bee that was nearly driven to extinction when it’s Mediterranean cousin was introduced.

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