Caroline Page’s Jerrymandering Project


The County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge has clandestinely been involved in a jerrymandering project. She has put forward a proposal to divide the parish of Melton by putting some of it in her division because she knows a few Lib Dem voters around Bury Hill. But naturally she claims it’s not political but as everything she does is for political reasons, annexing part of Melton obviously is too. Why else would she be clandestinely talking to the boundary commision and springing this after she has been reelected? Obviously Meltonians being rather jarred off by this and talking to their friends in Woodbridge may have harmed her at the ballot box. She put forward this proposal without consulting Melton parish Council. We guess that as she bullied Woodbridge Town council recently, before being on it, she feels so she can bully Melton Parish Council also But she has underestimated Melton Parish Council because she has none of her minions there so she has no nodding donkeys there to fan the heat. Also, perhaps as when she tried to get Melton Parish Council to support making Pytches Road a 20 MPH limit zone, she got told where to go, perhaps she didn’t fancy her chances anyway and decided to run roughshod being sneaky about it.

For Caroline’s plans to succeed according to to the boundary commison’s guidelines/rules either they would have to create parish council wards in Melton or abolish town council wards in Woodbridge.As Melton doesn’t want a ward structure because Melton is Melton, we must presume she wants to get rid of the ward structure in Woodbridge. After all she never consulted Melton Parish Council in regard to this, so if she is a reasonable person who understands the issues effecting different comunnities, she’d know what Melton PC think wouldn’t she? She would know that Melton Parish Council does not want wards. After all, she seems to know enough not to consult Melton Parish Council.

Who does Caroline Page think she is? Does she think that as she is on the county council she can ride rougshod over a prish council? The stuck up arrogance! Who is she to people in Melton? The bane of Woodbridge. No neighbouring division to Woodbridge has a Lib Dem councillor because they see how she carries on and think better of it.

I have publically submitted some questions to the nightmare. As Caroline’s proposal means she wants to be the County Councillor for part of Melton in the future she would have some policies regarding it, therefore a reply to any of these questions of “I have no policy because it’s not in my division would be inadequate.

What is your policy regarding traffic management in Melton Road?

What is your policy regarding traffic management in Woods Lane?

What are your views in regard to the conservation management of Burkes Wood?

What are your views in regard to plans concerning the Bridleway between Woods Lane and Bredfield Road and the open space adjacent to it?

What are your views in regard to the condition of the footpath from Daines Lane to Dock Lane?

As by the boundary Commisions guidelines ragarding where a division crosses parishes stipulates that a ward structure has to continue and Melton doesn’t want wards because Melton is Melton, do you want the ward structure removed in regard to Woodbridge Town Council?

Why didn’t you consult Melton Parish Council in regard to your proposal?

So far there has been no response in regard to any of these questions.

Also some of the reasons in support of the annexation of part of our village are utterly ridiculous. First of all, I’ll deal with the squit Caroline Page Caroline Page’s Husband who conveniently for her has a different surname has come out with

.”The High school which most Melton schoolchildren attend is in Woodbridge.”

How the hell can that justify sliceing Melton in half?

“The residents along Pytches Road, Bury Hill etc shop in Woodbridge,”

The same can be said about the rest of Melton and Bromeswell, Ufford, Sutton, Hasketon, Bredfield and Grundisburgh.

“and use Woodbridge rail-station and buses).”

The 64 does not terminate at the top of Bredfield Road, it continues through the rest of Melton to Aldeburgh.

“In this scenario Melton parish will have two county councillors – meaning they will have access to two locality and highways budgets.”

Squit! A county division can not split a district Ward. We’ll lose our District Councillor. Melton will not have two county councillors. One part of the parish will have one and another part have the other. When the bane of Woodbridge last proposed this gerrymandering plan and it was rejected the boundary commision said “As part of an electoral review, we are required to have regard to the statutory criteria set out in Schedule 2 to the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 (the 2009 Act). The Schedule provides that if a parish is to be divided between different divisions it must also be divided into parish wards, so that each parish ward lies wholly within a single division. We cannot recommend changes to the external boundaries of parishes as part of an electoral review” The Boundary Comision also said ““We have therefore sought to avoid two councillor divisions, despite some respondents favouring them”

“It is quite accepted for a parish or town to straddle county division boundaries. Martlesham parish is part of three different county divisions and currently has four county councillors.”

Martlesham parish is Martlesham village, Martlesham Heath and the bit where Woodbridge Football Club is. Melton is Melton.

“If people object to the revised proposals, the entire parish of Melton will become part of a huge rural county division which will stretch from Bawdsey nearly to Aldburgh, and will be represented by a single county councillor. Woodbridge will become a cashew-shaped division that curls neatly round Melton but does not include it. The boundary will still be inconveniently down the centre of Pytches Road.”

That’s not true. and you can find the proposals here.

In Anglo/Saxon times all of Melton was in the Hundred of Wilford, We have Wilford Bridge and Wilford Lodge and Wilford is where all of Melton belongs. We have former residents through out our history in the area you want to annex from us who were proud to be Meltonians and we are proud of them and Caroline’s infernal proposal is a trashing of our history.

Of course it’ll be in a rural division. It’s a rural parish.

From a historic view point the only thing wrong with the boundary commisions recomendations is that Ufford isn’t in Wilford.

Now for the other ridiculous reasons to justfy the the bane of Woodbridge’s plan to steal half of Melton for the sake of a few more votes that if successful would backfire due to her having no understanding about the issues effecting Melton.

“Woodbridge primary School is in Melton.”

Woodbridge Golf Club is in Bromeswell. Try telling someone who lives in Campsea Ashe they’re part of Wickham Market because Wickham Market train station is there. Besides the reason is ridiculous becuase it would put Melton Primary School in Woodbridge. Along with Melton Grange, Melton Produce and Melton Open Space. Ufford Park is in Melton too but to put it in Ufford you’d have to put Melton Old Church in Ufford and as it was the original parish church of the village, that would be utterly bonkers just like Caroline Page’s proposal is.

“The estate agents siad our house was in Woodbridge.”

Estate Agents are bunch of shysters. Didn’t you know?

I wonder if the people disapointed on finding out they’re in Melton would be if Melton had a name like Ashbyton Devereux or something.

Being Woodbridge “proper” will add to the value of your house.

No it won’t. Estate Agents can add more value to your house by telling buyers it’s in Woodbridge as it is and they do.

“If we were in Woodbridge we’ll pay less Council tax”

Town/Parish Precept 20/21 Equivalent Council Tax.

Woodbridge £110.67. Melton £50.37

The Parish Council boundaries, the Ecclesiastical Parish boundaries and the District Council ward boundaries are all the same and they have been the boundaries since Anglo/Saxon times and we are proud of our history and Melton was in Wilford Hundred and in accordance with the ancient boundaries, all of Melton should be in Wilford Division and not in Woodbridge.

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