Post Acute Covid Syndrome (PACS)

When it comes to the term ‘Long Covid’ it ‘ means about six different things. It includes those who have been damaged by being on ventilators, PACS, those with mental trauma caused by dread on catching Covid caused by the fearmongering of SAGE and the Media, those with post viral maliase which may or may not pass with time and a couple of other things. Because of this emphasis is being put on one definition or other at the expense of those suffering from other definitions. There are so many definitions to the term ‘Long Covid’ it’s like ‘We should support our troops.’ ‘the squeezed middle’ ‘We are following the science’ and ‘For the many not the few.’ It doesn’t mean anything. This is why pro lockdown people use the term ‘ Long Covid’ in the same way as ‘We are following the Science.’ Science is a dicipline that is practiced, not followed.

Because the term ‘Long Covid’ means so many things that it doesn’t mean anything, treatment is being pushed for treatment of Post Acute Covid Syndrome (PACS) that is utterly unsuitable and some of the things said by people pushing the unsuitable treatment is slanderous to people suffering from Post Acute Covid Syndrome (PACS). Also, some of the people lobbying for unsuitable treatment do not like the term ‘Post Acute Covid Syndrome’ because it suits them to have all definitions of ‘Long Covid’ to be treated the same. This means that they can have more people being offered their psychobabble which may work on a few people but not all.

The people claiming it’s an extreme behavioural response claim that ‘Long Covid’ is caused by childhood trauma. The idea of organ damage being caused by a virus being down to childhood trauma is so far fetched, the writers of Star Trek wouldn’t entertain it.

They are saying that ‘Long Covid’ is an extreme behavioural response. This makes no sense considering that here the Daily Mail reports that ‘Long Covid’ sufferers are set to be offered monthly vaccine doses. How a monthly vaccine dose can treat an extreme behavioural response is ridiculous.

The people puting it down to childhood trauma etc. are promoting Graded Exercise Therapy. This is not suitable for people with PACS. But the peer reviewed medical treatment is.

Here on the Daily Sceptic is an interesting article on the problem of  Scientific Fraud.

It’s been known for years that a lot of claims made by scientists can’t be replicated. In some fields, the majority of all claims appear to not replicate due to a large mix of issues like overly lax thresholds for claiming statistical significance, poor study design and other somewhat subtle errors

This is a major problem in China where Doctors falsify data to claim Rhino horns and Tiger’s teeth work as treatment. Doctors can’t get promoted without such nonsense and though the doctors know that traditional Chinese medicine doesn’t work, the Chinese government believes that it does. Due to global competitiveness the west hasn’t been ammune to the phenomenon of Scientific Fraud as the article says,

One of the difficulties with detecting scientific fraud is that the line between dishonesty and simple absurdity can get quite blurry. Sometimes scientists “calculate” data that is clearly wrong, but don’t actually try to hide or it may even admit to it in the paper, knowing full well that nobody cares and nonsensical data won’t actually matter. Here’s an example from a COVID modelling paper:

The model was allowed to calculate that the average Brit must live with 7 other people, because it couldn’t obtain data fit otherwise (actual number=2.4). This one comes from University College London, is written by 12 neuroscientists, passed peer review and has 37 citations. The peer reviewer noticed that the incorrect number was in the paper but signed off on it anyway.

This leads us nicely into some statistics for ‘Long Covid’ Prominant ‘Long Covid’ activist Ondine Sherwood stated this,

100,000 COVID19 infections a day this summer predicted by our health secretary That’s 400,000 LongCovid cases a month

If these statistics are to be believed, then 7.5% of people contracting the virus would develop ‘Long Covid’ Is this true? Well there is another statistic the same people are stating that we can use to test this. They say that between 2 and 2.5 milllion people in the UK have ‘Long Covid’ It just so happens that we can ascertain the number of Covid 19 cases in the UK so far by visiting the government website here. The exact number of cases at the time of writing 5637,975. Obviously as the stats being produced are rounded the figure for cases then we should round off the statistic for cases so far. Whatever figure you round off to , we are talking about around 28% of people getting Covid developing ‘Long Covid’ based on the lower figure of 2 million with ‘Long Covid’ If we round it off to three out of ten, as we all know a lot more than ten people who have had the virus, then we would also know considerably more people who have ‘Long Covid.’ But the figure we get from the statement of 100,000 COVID19 infections a day this summer predicted by our health secretary That’s 400,000 Long Covid cases a month only leads to 7.5%. This would suggest that concerning ‘Long Covid, λ% of statistics are being made up on the spot.

By this it looks like not only are PACS sufferers being not taken seriously, not only are they being denied any help, not only are they being treated in a way, their human rights are being run roughshod over, but they are also being weaponised and abhorrently being used as a weapon to make people comply to communist dictats covid restrictions.

I spoke of earlier about the likes of traditional Chinese medicines being put forward for cures. We haven’t found anywhere it is being put forward in the UK but there is this from Harmony in Health. They claim to use ‘ancient therepies’ After investigation it can be established it’s not ‘ancient therepies’ but New Age cobblers. Treatments include chanting, lot’s of exercise therepies, self portrait and Aromatherapy.

Another therepy is Ayurvedic diet. “What’s that?” you may ask. well I decided to find out. The Ayurvedic diet is a meal plan based on the principles of Ayurvedic medicine. “What’s Ayurvedic medicine? You may ask. Well obviously I’ve looked that up too. From here.

Ayurveda is an alternative medicine system with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. The theory and practice of Ayurveda is pseudoscientific. The Indian Medical Association characterises the practice of medicine by Ayurvedic practitioners as quackery.

Another therapy they use is Sacred Geometry. “What the hell is that?”you may ask. Sacred geometry is essentially the study of the spiritual meaning of various shapes. Sacred geometry ascribes symbolic and sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions. The therapy involves looking at the branches of a tree and imagining them to be your lungs to help you breath better. What utter bollocks!

Interestingly the website has some quotes from satisfied customers. For example,

“The aromatherapy talk was really helpful for me – I have quite a challenge with sense of smell and taste still –  it has hardly returned.

Well it hasn’t bloody worked then has it?

This is being promoted by Elaine Maxwell of the NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) The website has a quote from her.

She says,

“Looking forward, we need to offer a holistic, integrated approach rather than symptom by symptom management”

In light of this, I decided to ask her a question on Twitter.

Update: she responded.

It is not just odd but also alarming that something that the The Indian Medical Association considers quackery is supposedly being promoted by people within the National Institute for Health Research. It’s also frustrating considering the Post Acute Covid Syndrome 19 group are trialing a peer reviewed treatment thet works while people are promoting otiose, illusory, holistic pseudoscience.

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  1. Suffolk Snowflakes says:

    You might want to include Elaine Maxwell’s response to your tweet.

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