The Jeremiad Caroline Lucas

Previously on this blog we have exposed the link between the all party parliamentary group on Coronavirus lead by Lahla Moron and the left wing campaign group March for Change. For example here and here. This was back in January. After some investigation tthe link between the APPG and March for Change was taken to the Parliamentary Standards Committee. After which March for Change were made to take the parliamentary crowned portcullis off their website.

At present according to their website, March for Change, is ‘against a damaging US trade deal, for protecting our high British-European standards, and for rebuilding our collaborative relationship with our European neighbours.’ In other words America is evil and the EU can do no wrong. The EU sending illegal immigrants to Libya to end up in slavery is of no concern to them due to the amount of fairies in their brains.

Vice Chair of the APPG Coronavirus Caroline Lucas has recently sent an Email to March for Change subscribers and we have a screenshot of it.

Isn’t it interesting how  most people calling for a Covid inquiry, accuse the government of lifting the Communist dictats Covid restrictions too soon.

Cases souring? Hospitals filling up?

After making that statement anything Caroline Lucas says about impending environmental doom can not be taken seriously. Besides, as she thinks people should continue wearing masks so more and more of the bloody otiose things polute our oceans, why should we take her seriously about anything to do with the environment?

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