What Exactly is the Explaination for the Drop in Cases

Well it’s quite easy to explain and it shall be later on in this post.

But first there is another matter that has people scratching their heads. According to ‘experts’ on the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune it was an absolute certianty that if Freedom Day occured then cases would go up to 100,000 a day. As the BBC is supposed to be a bastion of truth then surely that is going to happen even though cases are going down. So why are the BBC talking about the pandemic in the past tense?

Surely they haven’t made such an obvious gramatical error. That was yesterday and they haven’t apologised for the confusion. Neither have they corrected anything. The pandemic can’t be in the past while cases are going to be at a 100,000 a day. Maybe the BBC need to be fact checking their own stories.

Now today the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune along with virtually everybody else have been frantically publishing stories about anything but Covid-19 and not mentioning the biggest story on the Pandemic so far.

Then today just days after his 100,000 a say anouncement, Neil Ferguson is saying that by late September/October the pandemic will be over. How could both predictions be right? Looking at Ferguson’s record, both predictions are likely to be wrong. So maybe it will be over by the end of August.

So why are everybody in SAGE scratching their heads wondering what exactly the explaination is? Well if there was less psychologists amongst them and more proper scientists amongst them, perhaps they would know what is going on. Someone isn’t likely to ascertain why a virus has behaved a certain way through something that uses the likes of Greco/Roman paganism and Zen Buddhism to establish things.

So what is the explaination? Clearly they can’t say the vaccine has brought cases down because they have stated that the vaccines don’t stop infections or transmission. That’s actually something they were right about.

Some bonkers lefties are claiming that cases are souring along with hospitalisations and deaths and the government are covering it up. After spending 16 months calling Lockdown Sceptics conspiracy theorists, they’re coming out with the population control conspiracy. We don’t need to say why their claims are wrong because readers of this blog aren’t complete fruitloops.

So what is the exact explaination?

In light of the fact that the Spanish Flu did this and the Hong Kong Flu did this could the exact explianation be that it’s what viruses do? A pandemic naturally has a number of peaks and troughs. This one has been no different. This sounds like a good explaination but it would prove that previous lockdowns were a waste of time and only achieved economic carnage and national misery. It proves what the Stanford University study said which is lockdowns were nothing to do with previous decreases in cases.

So in summary the exact explaination is that us Pro Vax Lockdown Sceptics have been right all along.

After 16 months of being accused of being conspiracy theorists and being mad, stupid, ignorant of science and being told graphs are to complicated for the likes of us, we are being vindicated.

Battle fatigue is no more at the point of victory.

For the predictions concerning opening up to be true cases have to go up to the point that the exponential curve has to take an extreme angle. No data analysist or statistician worth their salt would say it’s possible. What is likely to happen is that the curve will be less steep so that the infection rate goes down more gradually. After which it is possible that it could curve back round to go up again at some point so there is another rise but it looks unlikely. But SAGE aren’t predicting this because as the evidence that the Lockdown philosophy is weapons grade bollocks has been revealed and is being revealed they aren’t saying much at all. Maybe they’re looking into which nasty governments around the world will give them safe haven.

Concerning how justice should be served, this blog has produced this survey


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