Ipswich Labour’s Gerrymandering etc.

Ipswich Labour are most concerned about the way their vote is declining in Gipping Ward with their majority down to 254 they are most concerned. This is without putting into account that their favourite blogger is returning next year to make the possibility of Gipping turning blue a certainty. Though because of Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger’s exile they know their dear leader dodged a bullet.

In an attempt to shore up their falling vote, Ipswich Labour are engaging in a pointless gerrymandering exercise. They are turning the former BT site in Bibb Way into council houses. This is the similar gerrymandering as they did when they put Ravenswood in Priory He Ward to stop Gainsborough going blue.

The Ipswich Labour Star is waxing lyrical about this. No doubt we can exopect an article by the Ellesmere/Geater collaboration shortly.

In the seven years Ipswich Conservative led Ipswich Borough Council they built an average of 165 affordable homes a year. In the ten years since Ipswich Labour took control, they have built an average of 71 affordable homes a year. That’s 750 families who have missed out in the last 10 years.

The author of the dRoss Blog has put up a defence against Ipswich Labours appalling record on affordable housing to which I have responded. He puts it down to the pandemic

That is such a ridiculous excuse, SAGE could make a better one for the drop in Covid cases.

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