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This is a real bumper edition of Labour Today that would be an absolute joy to read if you’re a Conservative.

There are so many warring factions in the Labour party at present that it is in absolute chaos. It’s an absolute joy to behold. The level of hate they have towards each other will keep them fighting and keep us amused at their vile party’s demise.

The Morning Star has article after article attacking the Labour Party which they consider to be a far right, fascist organisation.

Each faction of the Labour Party claims to be the true Labour Party that is ideologically pure and each faction is up for the fight with nobody wanting to ‘unite the resistence’


Comrade Coates says that the Ipswich Morning Star are friends of the Tories and Chinese Communist Party. The latest edition is hillarious. Article after article slagging off the Labour Party. Here it informs us,

Labour is facing fresh allegations over its treatment of left-wing Jewish members who say they have been unfairly accused of anti-semitism.

Senior party figures hit out at the “disgraceful treatment” of the members today following a report which was produced and published by Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) detailing incidents.

Labour MP and former shadow chancellor John McDonnell told the Star he was “appalled” by the contents of the report and “the evidence that demonstrates the grotesque way Jewish members are being treated.

The article is a facinating read.

Jenny Manson, the JVL co-chair who is herself facing an investigation, said: “JVL members are increasingly experiencing our Jewishness being scoffed at and denied. There is nothing as grave for a Jew than to be themselves accused of anti-semitism.

“By stepping up its attack on us, accusing more and more of us of anti-semitism, the Labour Party is becoming unsafe for Jews and many are leaving partly to avoid this feeling of persecution


Also, here we are informed that,

The Labour Party has been forced to apologise after wrongly telling its youth section that it could not invite members of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign to speak at a conference event.

Activists from the campaign today questioned how they could have been considered as an illegitimate group, following reports that they would be prevented from taking part in Labour Party conference.

Earlier this week Young Labour alleged that Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership team had blocked attempts to allow anyone from the campaign, as well as former party leader Jeremy Corbyn, to speak at fringe events.

Obviously all factions of the Labour Party would rather build a school in Ramallah than Redcar.


The Morning Star also has a piece by Jabbott the Hut. Here.

It’s about refugees. Diane Abacus claims,

Rich Western countries such our own bear a very large part of the responsibility for this crisis too, both historically and in terms of current emissions produced for goods we consume.

Being abonkers lefty she’s hardly going to mention that all UN resolutions to stop the violence in Eretria and Tigray have been vetoed by Russia and her fellow communists, China.


There’s also an article in the Morning Star about a bonkers Labour MSP who wants nuclear workers permentnly furloughed. Katy Clarke has called for nuclear workers to be permenently furloughed until they can be reemployed to meet the needs of the green economy.

Also, Labour’s general secretary David Evans is reported to be looking to cut around 90 jobs as part of a major restructuring and to help repair the party’s finances. As a result party workers who are members of the Unite and GMB unions have voted in favour of industrial action should they be faced with compulsory lay-offs. More than 75% of members were in favour of going on strike. More here.

Labour Against the Witch Hunt

Here, Ipswich Labour member Comrade Coates has a piece about LAW. Apparantly they’ve has a vote and have decided not to start a new party but stay in the Labour Party giving us lots of enjoyable entertainment destroying the thing.

Comrade Coates says,

The not-so-great and good of the onetime Labour left were out in force last night, as members of Labour Against the Witchhunt (LAW) held a Zoom meeting to determine whether they should create a new party. A motion put forward by Tony Greenstein – who last month declared himself bankrupt after losing his “notorious antisemite” legal battle – called for ‘a socialist movement’ to ‘keep activists in the Corbyn Project together, with a view to forming a distinct socialist party in the near future.’ 

Tendance Coatesy, strongly opposes the present wave of ‘automatic exclusions/expulsions’.

The Labour party is not a happy place to be.


There’s also the faction that is Labour Grass Roots lead mostly by Crispin Flintoff.

They have the Stage Truck which makes Hattie Harperson’s pink van seem normal.

What’s That?

Last week in Nottingham they held the first ever date with the stage truck. People went for an evening of music, spoken word, comedy and speeches with Jeremy Corbyn headlining at the end. 

The Plastic Messiah Speaks to the portion

They spoke to people who were there on their weekly zoom meeting where they generally cry about Jeremy of Islington’s expulsion. They also spoke about the the attempt to no-platform  felllow left wing loon, Ken Loach. They were also joined by Junior Comrades including Young Labour Chair, Jess Barnard, who have been frustrated by the party bureaucracy’s lack of support and for their interference in their selection of speakers (Jeremy Corbyn and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign have been blocked from speaking at their event at the party conference).

This years Labour Party Conference is going to be an absolute joy to watch as the factions ferociously attack each other.

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5 Responses to Labour Today

  1. Slinky Sam says:

    You bastard Tories are ferociously executing the poor. Red Tory Starmer will be gone and a true socialist leader will win the net election and you evil fuckers will pay for your crimes.

    • Kevin Algar says:

      How are you doing? You’re still a fruitloop I see.

      • Slinky Sam says:

        You’re still a nasty nasty fucker. Glad you left Ipswich. Surprised there wasn’t street parties in Gipping you Tory cunt. Ipswich will always have a labour council and the far right Tom Hunt won because you tories lied to get him in. People are starving because of your cuts and your vile Brexshit. You had all those people killed by covid because you enjoying killing the poor like you enjoy killing foxes.You tories are all psychopaths who one day will pay for your crimes

  2. Kevin Algar says:

    oh me oh my. You’re bloody nuts!

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