The Phonomenon of Long Corbyn

The Labour Party got rid of Jeremy Corbyn a while a go but it’s still very sick The Labour Party is suffering from the phenomenon of Long Corbyn. Here I wrote about a number of factions in the party made up of Corbyn Longhaulers. The Corbyn Longhaulers are intent on carrying on the fight to have Corbyn restored. The Corbyn 19 result lead to similar results this May which were what could be termed as Post Acute Corbyn Syndrome. It is most likely that Post Acute Corbyn Syndrome is permenent and symptoms will continue in future elections.

The Corbyn Longhaulers in the Party are still the majority even though steps have been made to quatrantene them from the rest of the party through a technique of Getting rid of, Expulsions, and Thought policing (GET)

Here on the second best blog in Suffolk, Barmy Bolshevik, Andrew Coates has reviewed a book called Corbynism: what went Wrong? by Martin Thomas. It’s a misleadiong title because it all went right with the Conservatives winning an 80 majority.

Comrade Coates says,

Bringing us down to earth Martin Thomas, observes, “In the 2017 manifesto, the words ‘socialist’ or ‘socialism’ were not used at all; in the 2019 manifesto, ‘socialism’ appeared once, and not to state an aim, rather to describe what already exists in the NHS”.

That may be because deep down the trots know that socialism is as popular as a dose of Covid.

Coatesy continues,

Early on in What Went Wrong Thomas further notes, “Corbyn rarely uses the word ‘socialist’, but he has commented on Chavez’s Venezuela, Evo Morales’s Bolivia, and Castro’s Cuba as if they are, more or less, models of a future society. That model of a future society is one to which workers in a country like Britain could never be won.”

Basically no one wants our country to become a basket case like the countries where socialism has been faithfully implimented he mentions.

Coatesy also links to this article titled ‘Corbynism isn’t over yet’ There’s quite a bit in the article about the Socialist Rapists Workers Party. There’s also lots of anti israel stuff. Amusingly it talks about factions in Momentum.

It is clear that Corbyinism isn’t over due to the amount of Corbyn Longhaulers within the Labour Party and beyond.

The phonomenen of Long Corbyn is caused by Corbyn altering the DNA of the party. The viralent ideology of Corbynism has destroyed a lot of the DNA of the Labour Party weakening the party so that it has remained sick. Corbynism has also replaced old DNA with Corbyn DNA so that the party is still predominantly Corbynite.

So if all the Corbyn Longhaulers were quatrantened from the rest of the party through Getting rid of, Expulsions, and Thought policing (GET) Long Corbyn would remain because GET is an unsuitable treatment for Long Corbyn and future elections will continue to show symptoms of Post Acute Corbyn Syndrome.

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