More on the Phenomenon of Long Corbyn

The Labour Conference promises to be brilliant. Politburo General Secretary of the Soviet Republic of Wales, Mark Drakeford, is speaking at an event. Drakeford is a Corbyn Longhauler. Ken loach is also speaking at the event which has been refered to as a Trot Jamboree. Loach was quarantened by the method of Getting rid of, Expulsion and Thought policing (GET) last month over his association with one of four hard-left factions proscribed by Labour’s ruling politburo. Loach is also a supporter of of the now-banned Corbyn Longhauler group Labour Against the Witchhunt, launched to campaign for members suspended or expelled because of antisemitism. The event has speaking, Corbyn Longhaulers Richard Burgon, Jon Trickett and Zarah Sultana. This is just one example of how the dibilitating effect of Long Corbyn shall be observed during the conference. More here.

Also Zarah Sultana has attended a Stop the War meeting to mark the 20th aniversary of the justified war in terror in Afghanistan. Also attending was fellow terrorist sympaphiser, Jeremy Corbyn.

Somebody felt the need to warn her.

Careful Zarah – you will get an email in the early hours expelling you – I know people expelled for criticising Blair

The trouble is, if they quaranteened all the Corbyn longhaulers, they’d have as many members as the Lib Dems. The Corbyn Longhaulers are going to dominate the conference. Long corbyn has weakend the Labour party to the point where Corbyn Longhauler John McDonnell says that labour are losing members hand over fist.

In a BBC interview, he suggested that disciplinary action against some members on the Left of the party had made many others feel “unwelcome”, and in some cases “intimidated”.

He is calling for the Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer to call a summit with his critics next week, as Labour prepares for its in-person annual conference, to address their ‘grievances”.

Otherwise, he said, an internal party row could dominate the first day of the Labour conference in Brighton.

Three Corbyn Longhauler factions – Labour Against the Witchhunt, Labour in Exile network, and Resist – had been criticised by party officials for downplaying the toxic anti-Semitism issue.

Macdonnel also said,

“My understanding is we have lost at least 100,000 members so far. If you start losing that mass membership, we are undermining our ability to fight elections – which is appalling.”

What Corbyn Longauler Macdonnel doesn’t understand is the fact that because of Long Corbyn, the symptoms of Post Acute Corbyn Syndrome will be apparant in future elections with more seats lost and Labour being aniliated because the virilant ideology of Corbyn has altered the party’s DNA so that it is unable to fight off the onslaught of disgust the nation has at a party that made a Britian hating, terrorist sympathising, antisemite its leader.

We will discover more about the Phenomenon of Long Corbyn in the next few weeks.

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