The Adventures of Martin Cook Part Six

In the midst of the Duck Pond Councillors Adventures a prominent former Conservative Candidate for Gipping Ward visited the borough and launched a blitz on Graffitti, broken paving slabs and the like in Gipping, Alexandra and Westgate and notified him and all on Twitter. This seems to have taken the wind out of the Duck Pond Councillors sails for a while. But this didn’t matter due to members of the public reporting dumped matresses, broken paving slabs, graffitti and overgrown bushes due to the knowledge that such things now get fixed due to an increase in Conservative councillors at borough and county level.

Then last Saturday the Duck Pond Councillor’s adventures started again. He went to the BMX Rally in Landseer Park where he had the pleasure of seeing his favourite blogger. He didn’t seem to pleased to see him but it clearly inspired him.

Of course he didn’t have a chance to report on the state of the paving in Murray Road in Priory, a ward so neglected by Labour the Labour County Councillor there gave his entire Highways locality budget of £50,000 back becuase he’s to lazy to do anytrhing. Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger reported it instead.

But Martin decided to go on an adventure in Gainsborough The removal of the chicane because of Conservative County Councillor for Gainsborough, Liz Harsant wasn’t of much interest to him in Maryon Road but as in epic days of old, some graffitti cought his attention.

Onward he sojourned and ended up in Worcester Road where again some graffitti cought his ever scanning eyes. He sojourned further and more graffitti cought his attention in Holbrook Road. He then ended up in Frobisher Road and found some uneven paving. So uneven in fact that it must have been deteriating for the whole of the 13 years he has been a councillor but couldn’t be bothered to go there, but stay in the comfort of his home near the Duck Pond in Leafy Rushmere, the kind of place his party’s leaflets have siad councillors live who don’t understand the problems of Ipswich. He then got somebody to take a picture of him posing strangely, no doubt for the next Labour leaflet full of lies claiming he understands the issues of Gainsborough.

The Duck Pond councillor then took a walk through Landseer Park where a feature of the pavement cought his attention. He decided that it was a trip hazard. Then probably much to his horror somebody else noticed the 15cm subsidence in the pavement in Hawke Road before he did. After this, armed with his phone app that is a rapier so powerful no aegis can resist, he found himself in Nacton Road where some graffitti cought his attention.

He then decided to head back towards the duck pond but found himself far from home amongst the birds in Sprites. Some graffitti in Sheldrake Drive cought our stalwart app users attention. He also noticed a faded street nameplate in Sandpaper Road. As he sojourned he found himself in Gipping. Obviously there wasn’t much to find in Gipping due to it recently having an excellent, active Conservative council candidate. But on the border with Bridge at the junction of Belstead Road and Willoughby Hill, some graffitti cought his attention.

The Duck Pond Councillor’s adventures are truely amazing. He is being an excellent campaigner for the Conservative Party He is going to places that have been totally let down by Labour that now have Conservative Councillors and is reporting stuff so that they are quickly looking like the Conservative wards they are rather than the Labour ones they have been.

Ipswich Labour believe their councillors should do nothing and blame the Conservatives for the mess. They believe this to the point where Mandy Gaylard and Sandra Gage did things in their wards and were deselected for not letting their wards turn to rack and ruin. Martin Cook would be aware of this, so he knows the likelyhood of him being deselected. So why is he doing this? Is the Duck Pond Councillor planning on crossing the benches and joining the Conservative Party? Is that where his adventures are taking him? He’s showing himself to be a brilliant campaigner for the Conservative Party as it is.

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