The NHS Needs Reform

Thowing money at social care isn’t going to conserve it, it needs to be reformed for it to be conserved. It’s what you’d expect a Conservative government to do. The Tamworth Manifesto is a better way than the hapless socialist policy of throwing money at things. The problem is, not enough people no what a mess social care is in. Local authorities can still take virtually all your kids inheritance. Labour would want to follow up the raiding with a death tax.

But the NHS needs major reform. Half of all NHS staff are managers, admin or unqualified assistants while just over 50% of clinical staff are medically trained. Recently the government handed the NHS some more money so the top NHS managers spent it on 42 more managers . Obviously they’ll still demand more to cover lack of consultants/GPs/nurses & medics. So obviously they’ll want more mioney to pay themselves more and provide more management jobs. In fact on such jobs most of the money is spent. In the public sector, being a manager of a branch of Macdonalds qualifies you to be a Assistant Director of Equality and Diversity  on £57,640 per annum.

What do an NHS Directors of Equality provide? Believe it or not, they write blogs. not blogs that are as good as this one I may add. Here is an example of their blogging.

The post has the title of Dear white people in the UK. It’s a rather nasty divisive post based on the bullshit that is Critical Race Theory. It tells white people what they need to do.

First step. Read the short essay White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible knapsack by Peggy McIntosh, that visualises a physical representation of privilege. Robin Diangelo’s White Fragility: Why it’s so hard for white people to talk about racism, written by a white woman in the USA captures a discussion that is often missing, about what is ‘whiteness’? For white people who often don’t see themselves in racial terms. 

  1. Don’t be defensive. This isn’t personal and it’s not really about you. Everybody is at a disadvantage when our formal institutions perpetuate inequalities.
  2. Don’t say ‘I’m not political’ to excuse yourself from this conversation. Right now, ignorance isn’t an excuse. You can’t unsee what you have seen.
  3. You don’t have to be vocal but do ‘listen’. Listening means being open to hearing what black and minority ethnic people are saying. Be open to their lived experiences (if they choose to talk about them). You would be hard pushed to find a black or Asian person that doesn’t have a personal story of racism.
  4. Work on your empathy. Visualise yourself in the other person’s shoes. Discrimination is dehumanisation and the only way to see a person as human is to empathise with them.
  5. Be uncomfortable. 

If you can read one book, watch one video, visit one place in this list that is a step towards change.

So, they are accusing frontline staff of being ignorant and not to defend their ignorance. This sounds like work place bullying to me. What kind of private sector employer would get away with such as that? If a colleague is under stress on a ward it is most likely to be due to the workload and not because of the amount a mellinin they produce. Therefore, empathy is naturally there. The NHS managers want their staff to be uncomfortable. Seriously, they want frontline staff to feel uncomfortable and not enjoy their work. While this is going on waiting lists are not improving. The management are also the ones who ask for pay rises and talk as if they put themselves at risk by working the wards. To the management, it’s not a vocation. More here

Why has the entire NHS been awareded the George Cross? So the NHS managers at their desks far away from the wards they’ve never worked on are couragous are they? What about the large proportion of Covid-19 infections that were caught in hospital due to the managers incompetence? More here.

NHS managers demand pay rise to compensate for tax rises to pay the rise in their wages and round and round it would go.

Then there is the case of Worcestershire NHS managers knowing cancers are being missed due to X-ray backlog This isn’t just negligence, it’s corporate manslaughter. There needs to be prosecutions at the very least. It’s so disgraceful, even the BBC has reported it accurately here.

Then there was the NHS managers secret pandemic plan to deny care to elderly. The morrally repugnant mangers actually drew up secret plans to withdraw hospital care from people in nursing homes in the event of a pandemic. Ministers have repeatedly insisted that care homes were not abandoned by the NHS during the coronavirus crisis, despite mounting evidence to the contrary. But who planned care homes to be abandoned? The NHS managers who like us to think they are the pinnicle of virtue. More here.

Then there is the case of the elitist NHS managers spending millions on a Long Covid Clinic for their neighbours in the Surrey Downs. With great fanfare the Seacole Centre was announced but the NHS management didn;t let on it was for their well to do friends and neighbours only.

Due to the selfserving managers ther nation is not getting the health care it should and frontline staff are being terribly let down. Staff contracts are written in a way that they are unable to speak out about the incompetence and selfserving dicicions of the managers.

The NHS needs reform. The overpaid leeches at the top need to be removed. The government needs to be brave and get rid of them, remove bureaucracy and the overpaid nonjobs that are burdening the NHS. Public oppinion is that such reform is necessary so the government should do it and let labour support thier overpaid elitist core vote who are milking the tax payer.

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