The Adventures of Martin Cook Part Seven (Improved Edition)

Since our last report on the Duck Pond Councillor’s adventures here, we have found out more about his sojourning. It appears that he’s been up the A140 and found a messed up sign. He’s posted a picture of it on Twitter claiming the county Council have left it to rust. Of course it is probable that the other Councillor Cook, the Carrot Road Season Ticket holder Councillor took the picture of it on his way back from Mustard City after watching the Budgie Scum get thrashed again like they do every week. He had decided to be disingenuous and score some bogus political points.

My first thought was “Who would want to go to Mendlesham anyway?” But after thinking about it, they would to get to Cotton and the Cotton Trowel and Hammer is a nice pub. Of course it would be more appealling to members of Ipswich Labour if it was called the Hammer and Sickle, but I digress. Would they presume that we who adhere to sensible political philosophies would have taken a left long before the sign to go to the Beaconsfield Arms in Occold?

I presumed it was the responsibility of Highways England, not the County Council and mentioned it to the Duck Pond Councillor on Twitter. He corrected me with this link. Thinking about it, I don’t know why I thought is was a major road. It runs from the Beacon Hill Interchange to Cromer with nowhere of any significance over it’s entire length.

Anyway, why is the Duck pond Councillor making a big deal about a sign not being repaired for 3 years when there’s signs in his ward he and his Ipswich Labour comrades have done nothing about for decades?

Of course if the area had a Conservative councillor the sign would have been fixed by now, but Upper Gipping has a Green councillor and the Greens are against cars. Furthermore, believe it or not, Green councillors are more useless than Labour ones.

We can also report further on some of the things we reported on concerning the Adventures of Martin Cook here.

Concerning his adventures in Frobisher Road,

He’s done bugger all for 13 years. Indeed Gainsborough deserves better. Gainsborough deserves better than him. Some of the responses he got were very interesting.

Yeah, anyone would think he’s up for reelection next year. He is

Ipswich Conservative Group leader Ian Fisher’s response was the best.

It’s a good response because we know. Better still, everyone in Gainsborough knows.

But this last response is brilliant.

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1 Response to The Adventures of Martin Cook Part Seven (Improved Edition)

  1. Janine says:

    Do we know if any other Labour Cllr’s that normally take the electorate for granted are also coming out of the woodwork as yet?

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