Ipswich Conservatives Action plan for Ipswich

Our plan for a better Ipswich for all


Town Centre – Time for Action

  • Labour-run IBC have failed to create the safe & vibrant environment needed for the town to thrive & we have big ideas to make this happen.
  • Indoor market & entrepreneur hubs with spaces to nurture & showcase local talent
  • Car Parking incentives linked to spend with local retailers
  • Re-open a Tourist Information Centre & highlight the culture & history of Ipswich
  • £8million+ for regenerating empty buildings – funded by the Conservative government
tom and priti patel

Keeping you safe

  • The Conservative government has given funding to IBC as part of the £150 million for The Safer Streets Programme, to areas most affected by crime and anti-social behaviour. The latest round of the fund targets neighbourhood crime, violence against women and girls and anti-social behaviour. We would ensure this money made a real difference. 
  • We will collaborate with partners to investigate and fund extra visible police presence around the town centre operating on a zero-tolerance basis. 
  • A Conservative led council will create a safer Town Centre for us all to enjoy including re-instating the Best Bar None project.

Culture & Leisure capital of the East

  • Ipswich is proud to host nationally-renowned theatre, dance & music companies with music & theatre venues for mid-sized events & a museum that has been granted a £4million+ lottery grant for improvements – we need more to showcase Ipswich as the place to be in the East.
  • A waterfront visitor centre – highlighting our maritime history
  • The East of England lacks a multi-use music & sports arena with a large capacity – we will investigate the feasibility for this to be on Princes St – where your Labour council want to build another multi-storey car park

Communities and Sport

  • Abolish area committees and give each Councillor a locality budget to make a direct difference to the community they represent.
  • Reform the Community Cash Grants application process so that new and smaller community groups have a fairer chance of funding.
  • Invest in our neglected Sports Centres and Swimming Pools.
  • Reinstate the Crown Pools Crèche
  • Promote Borough Services to local businesses to offer employees competitive employee benefits packages.
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  1. Kevin Algar says:

    Reblogged this on A Riverside View and commented:

    so positive unlike anything useless Ipswich labour come out with.

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