Lies and Misinformation Ipswich Labour are telling residents of Priory

Ipswich Labour have been delivering junk mail in Priory Heath., a copy of which, has been obtained by Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger. It is most interesting that it mentions Daniel Maguire and Florence Nightingale but not Luke Richardson. But I’ve written about that here.

What is most interesting about the junk mail is that it shows how desperate Ipswich Labour are. They are clearly lying more than they usually do.

  1. £3.5m investment in parks is not coming from IBC, most of it is from Section 106 money from private developers.
  2. Toilets -do both genders really want to use basically a compost heap which won’t be emptied for 2 years.
  3. St Augustine’s rec is NOT in Ravenswood, it is near Ipswich Transport museum. The gym equipment they are installing on Ravenswood is having to be paid for twice by IBC as Florence Nightingale demanded it be put where the residents did not want it, in a dark tree area near Fen Bight Circle. Under pressure from residents, they are now installing it in the open Bonny Crescent area where the residents asked for it.
  4. Daniel does not have the ability to give money to the BMX track  -Labour scrapped the idea of locality budgets when they came in in 2011.
  5. Discounting council tax for 7500 residents, works out at average £7 per annum each; everyone else is therefore over-paying to buy votes for Labour.
  6. National Insurance is going down in July by £330 for most workers.
  7. Ipswich Museum -this is external grant funding in the main.
  8. Burtons was a perfectly viable business until Labour evicted them out of greed. It would not therefore have been empty. Labour’s eviction of Burtons was a nail in the coffin on the Burtons brand.
  9. CCTV cameras, they are buying 5 new cameras
  10. Labour did not bring in Waitrose and John Lewis. Those companies chose to come to Ipswich.
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