Yet Another Ingenious Way Ipswich Labour are Wasting Money.

Ipswich’s barmy labour Council have decided to spend £35,000 a year on a paying someone to decolonialise Ipswich Museum. The job is advertised in the Guardian here.

The advert says,

Are you a committed social justice champion?

An exciting opportunity has opened up at Ipswich Museum to play a key role in shaping its biggest redevelopment through engaging and empowering a diverse range of people to radically reinterpret its collections.

You will be a key member of the team, working closely with curators, designers, contractors and the museum leadership to embed a decolonising ethos across the organisation. You will work with us and our local communities to address the legacies of imperialism, patriarchal power structures and inherent biases in our current displays. You will act as an advocate for tackling the colonial representation of objects, working to make the service more relevant and relatable to audiences.

As a changemaker and meticulous researcher, you will help us to think critically and find solutions that we can deliver collectively.

If you are a creative, able to think critically and advocate for different perspectives that inspire a range of visitors, this could be for you.

Colchester and Ipswich Museums is committed to improving equal opportunities and diversity. We particularly welcome applications from Black, Asian, and diverse ethnic heritage candidates who are currently under-represented in our organisation.

So Ipswich Labour want to spend money employing somebody to apply CRT to the museum, finding racism everywhere and then coming out with things to deal with the racisim that doesn’t exist.

How are they going to decolonise this

So the Woolly Mammoth is based on the remains of one they found when digging the Stoke Railway Tunnel. How can this be decolonised? Are they planning to remove all the displays so nobody visits the place? The argument for the pointless job is that not enough people who are not melinin challenged visit the museum. The way to get a more diverse set of visitors visit the museum is to encourage tourism but stupid Ipswich Labour closed the Tourist Information Centre because they don’t want tourists spending money in Ipswich and helping the local economy. They’d rather waste council tax payers money on this.

Ipswich Council Tax payers should let Ipswich Labour know thay do not support this kind of money wasting and Vote Conservative on May 5th.

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