Conservatives Can Take Control of Ipswich Borough Council

According to East Anglia Bylines blog here Ipswich Conservatives are only targeting two wards when in fact their target is taking control of the council. It also makes the claim that the Conservative vote is soft and this is also not true. From my experience the Conservative vote has never been so solid. and people are switching from Labour to the Conservatives. The tergiversating, slieght, deceptive, hypocritiacal agressive campaign by Labour has backfired and the more desperate they get the more blatent lies, agression and hate is manifested by them as they campaign.

We wouldn’t have cabinet ministers in town if we were defending.

The Conservative message resonates with the people of Ipswich who have been so appallingly let down by Ipswich Labour

Ipswich people like the idea of an indooer market and local enterprise hub and car parking incentives linked to local businesses. better than Ipswich Labour’s policy of buying properties, evicting tenenats and leaving them empty for years until a big business offers to rent it and put the profits in an account in the Cayman Islands.

Ipswich people like the idea of a waterfront visitor centre and the reopening of a Tourist Information Centre so people visit ipswich and spend money in Ipswich helping the local economy grow rather than Ipswich Labour’s policy of closing the Tourist Information Centre.

Ipswich people also like the idea of scrapping Area Committees so that councillor’s have locality budgets to spend on projects in their wards instead.

So Ipswich Conservatives who are clearly an administration in waiting are very upbeat at the moment.

Ipswich Labour have absolutely no ideas. When seeing Labour canvassers around town, they look so misirable and we are also hearing reports about their doorstep manner. They are being very agressive and are not interested in the issues that actually bother people and when people try to give their point across, Labout campaigners get very abusive. calling people idiots for not voting for them. Another thing Labour are doing is slagging off the Conservative candidates because Labour can’t talk about themselves because they have spent a decade doing nothing and have nothing to offer.

Vote Conservative

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1 Response to Conservatives Can Take Control of Ipswich Borough Council

  1. Julie says:

    I really do hope the Conservatives take the Borough this year. Labour are ruining the town.

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