Who will Replace Starmer after he Resigns?

Kier Starmer is being investigated by the police and by his own standards he has to resign. Therefore we must expect him to resign in the coming days. After all, he’s not an unscrupulous, selfserving, slimy, bottom feeding liar is he? OK we know he is, but if he has any moral fibre at all, he should be preparing his resignation speech as this post is being published. So the question is, “who is going to replace him?” Obvously it isn’t going to be the lying, guttersnipe, Angela Rayner because she was also at the party. This is a shame because Vicky pollard would lead the Labour party in the right direction so that it would be virtually wiped out. But then as she is arrogant and has no morals, maybe dhe will stand and she is popular amongst Labour members due to labour members being out of touch and utterly bonkers. But tlet’s presume it isn’t her. Who does that leave? Over the last couple of days there has been some interesting developments.

The first to put her hat in the ring was Lisa Nandy who gave a pitcch for the upcoming leadership election on Sky News. It was clearly a statement for Labour members where she claims labour has to reconnect with the rest of the country. Obviously being a Londoncentric bunch, they don;t give a toss about the rest of the country unless they visit parts of it for an illegal night out.

Then there is Lady Emily Nugee nee Thornberry who has put in her bid by defending Kier Starmer. As she represents Labour’s core vote in north London, Labour members would be delighted. We know she wants us back in the EU as much as Starmer does and we know Labour members want us back in because of their hatred for the United Kingdom who they want to be the laughing stock og the world instead of the forward looking, global country it is under Boris Johnsin’s brilliant leadership. So she has a chance but not a good chance the same as the excellent Rebecca Wrong Daily has no chance. Wrong Daily would bring back Corbynism to the fore instead of covering up the fact that Labour is still a Corbynite party. She is also the one most likely to restore the whip to the best labour leader ever, Jeremy Corbyn. When the leadership election comes, I most certainly will be supporting Wrong Daily. But sh has a constituency up north, so doesn’t represent Labour’s core vote. Therefore, she has no chance. Also, Lady Emily Nugee nee Thornberry and Rebecca Wrong Daily are women and even though labour can;t decide what a woman is, they can;t have a female leader because it will look like women aren’t oprressed as they are not and Labour can’t make one of their ideas look like the nonsense it is. Obviously their is also Zara Sultana. She is sufficiently bonkers enough to be a good choice for labour members to pick. Burt then she is also a woman and a Muslim also, so making her leader would spoil the lie tthat Muslims are oppressed as well as women. She also represents a constituency outside london, so unfirtuantely she has no chance. Then there’s David Lammy who represents Labour’s core vote but Labour couldn’t apply CRT to the party if they elected him, so he’s out of the picture too. Who does this leave? It leacves Wes Streeting. Wes Streeting represents Labour’s core vote and has all the cresdentials of being as crap as Starmer. Therefore, after Kier Starmer resigns, I believe the next leader will be Wes Streeting. But what happens if more lockdown breaking parties were revealed and Wes Streeting was at one of them? Who knows?

He said the hotel wasn’t serving food, it was He said Rayner wasn’t there, she was. He said no pubs/ or resturants were open, they were.

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