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The last council election campaign was the dirtiest by Labour ever conducted. One elecment of it was electoral pacts with the Yellow peril. The deniels are pointless as the Leader of the Cumbrian Lib Dems let the cat out of the bag. But though the lib Dems agreeing not to stand in Sprites, Ipswich saved Labour by ten votes, the pact was a dissaster for Labour becuase the the yellow peril mass gains in the west due to Labour not standing, Labour gained nothing in the Conservatives Northern heartlands. In fact as they were dealing with the Lib Dems, it looks like the Lib Dems went back on the deal in accordance with their slimy nature and took control of Hull. But the pact is still in place with Labour frontbenchers being told not to bother campaigning in the upcoming Tiverton & Honiton by-election to make way for the Lib Dems. In return the lib Dems will give labour a free runb in Wakefield. But as we are talking about the lib Dems, will they keep their side of the deal?  But the pact was only a minor part of the sordid campaign. The campaign was primarily lead by their media department.  They said said the Conservatives were going to lose 800 seats but that never happenned. It appears that Labour’s PR team was well briefed and high ranknking members of their PR team like Lady Haw Haw, Maitlis, Mason, Guru Murphy and Bruce made sure that it appeared that  Labour and the Lib Dems were the pinicle of virtue while insisting that the Conservatives are Satanic. The results didn’t come as they wanted but they mannaged to toxify British politics in a way Corbyn and his henchtrots never managed. 


Labour’s media department has increased the hatred the left have for anyone who disagrees with them. Labour fully supports the hatemongering of their media department, the BBC. As Labour are a party of hate anyway and have been for decades, they have no morral repulsion about going along with it.  How Labour’s media department operates could be a whole post especially how they go out of their way to cause hate and division and destroy Society so the left can take over and have us all ruled by them. They won’t report  the hypocrisy and wrong doings of their party during an election campaign.


Labour’s media department is clearly out of control and what they say isn’t inline with their official policies. It is established that they were more fanatical about Lockdown than the official Labour party was, but what kind of government do they want? This question needs to be asked because as the BBC and the Labour Party are the same thing, how will individual freedoms fair? Those statists want us to have no liberty at all. 


Concerning the media wing of the Labour party, it needs to be siad. The Totalitarian BBC pushed for Lockdown so we would be stuck at home with them relling us the error of our ways because they understand people so little they thought we wouldn’t spend the day reading books, having sex or surfing the net. instead of paying attention in class. But this is an obvious demonstration of their totalitarianis,. Being Labour, the BBC are very much into born to rule privalage. They are into this idea of perivilage so much they believe everybody should pay £159 a year to fund their political campaign. If you have a telly or not is irrelivant.  You can own a TV as long as you don’t watch live broadcasts. That’s before watching BBC and who watches that? Kuensberg, Linniker, Maitlis et all are banned from our living room. They are not allowed in the house. They are not allowed to enter. But Labour believe in a world where nobodies souls are their own. This is why their media department send threatening letters to vulnerable people demanding a licence fee. A good lawyer could call it obtaining money by menaces, But the T.V Licence Gestapo inspectors can be very agressive. They politely ask to come in and some back off but some don’t and insist they have the right to enter. They insist they have the right to enter private property when they don’t.  There’s cases of these bastards managing to get in and finding a telly and plugging it in and finding airiel cables and plugging them in to claim it works  Licence Gestapo inspectors  will get gold plated public sector jobs under Labour. Is your boiler compatible with our latest green polcies? You may lose you home or freeze to death but as long as they are comfortable.


So we have the natoinal policy of the Labour Party. Not worth a bag of chicken manure are they? But how’s it going amongst the members? Not very well


War has broke out in Wakefield.  The local party executive has resigned over the selection process. The Regressive Alliance that did so badly in the council elections is falling apart with longstanding stalwarts of socialism taking a disliking to the centralising nature of socialism.The executive committee of the Wakefield Constituency Labour Party has made a unanimous decision to resign from the Labour Party after the party shortlisted two members in its process to pick the party’ candidate in the by-election.

From here,

One member of the local executive, who announced that they are resigning their membership of the party, said they “felt totally disenfranchised from the selection process”. They described the shortlisting of the two candidates as “jackboot diplomacy” and warned that the party is becoming an “enemy to local democracy”.

Well as the Labour Party is an enemy of democracy. It took the local selection process to work that out? The inspiratation comes from the Bolsheviks who lost an election and used events to get nasry and illiminate the oppersition by any means, The Marxist party that is Labour Today has no time for democracy. It is power they want and it is not power to change thngs for the better for people they want. They want power to rule so they can gather together for a curry and a few beers while we can’t leave our homes. They are no different to the Bolsheviks before them. They want power for themselves at the expense of people they consider less than them.  They want to create a world where they live well and are content while the rest suffer and this world will have their media department, the BBC telling people we are in some kind of utopia while we’re wondering where our next meal is coming from. People will listen to BBC Breakfast being told by a comrade how great things are like in China today. But like in China today, all we’ll have to do is walk outside to see how shit the whole thing is. But you won’t be allowed to say it.


An integral part of socialism is centralisation. All things have to be apprived by the politburo. This is why Ipswich Labour scrapped Councillor Locality Budgets and replaced them with Area Commitees which convenietly for Labour waste some money.  This is why under Stalin lots of people were sent to Ukraine to grow and harvest wheat and starved to dearh because local people were not involved. Under socialism all dicisions are made by a politburo or an area committeee. The people making dicisions may know nothing but according to socialism the government knows best. So it is in true socialist style, the candidate for Wakefield was picked by a central committee. Their candidate, Simon Lightfoot, has serious socialist pedigree. Infact Guido reported that this was his fourth attempt at getting a Labour nomination but had to apologise in true pilitical dtyle on finding out that Wakefield was in fact his fifth arttempt at a Labour nomination. But this is how socialism is. Jobs for the boys and all dicisions should be made by a central committee. Would they scrap local councils so a planning application somewhere is decided by a central committee in Westminster? We can’t put such a thing passed them. 


It sounds like it was quite an evening at theDurham Miners’ Hall. It’s understandable that Kier couldn;t remmeber if Angela Rayner was there. You see, with the pact in place she’s just a back bencher. The actual Labour Deputy leader is in fact Ed Davey.  But first of all Starmer claimed about six people were there. £200 for a curry for six people? No wonder they think people can’t cook a nice meal for a couple of quid.  But then Kier forgot what he first said and then informesd us it was about fifteen people. Twenty Police questionaires have been sent out. Will he at some point actually tell the truth? 

Screenshot 2022-05-18 19.36.05


Labour is the party of bolicies. A bolicy is a policy announcement which in reality is bollocks.  The latest bolicy announcement was the windfall tax. After going on about the cost of Lockdown Crisis which they call the cost of living crisis to hide their responsibilty, supported by thier campaing department that is the rancid BBC, who pushed for Lockdown as and harder longer Lockdowns that would have made inflation higher right now, Labour announced the bollicy of a windfall tax. They then mase a big fuss about the Conservatives voting against the pointless bolicy. But then Rachel Reeves admitted in the commons that Labour’s windfall tax would only raise about £100 per household. This after claiming it would raise £600 per household. Naturally their comrades at the BBC kept quiet about the truth.


There is no doubt Labour will attempt to take us back into the EUSSR. Kier Starmer fanatically tried to stop that most beautiful thing. Labour tried to overturn the democratic dicision of the people so they can go to Brussels for choice food and good wine. They very much wanted the Britiash people to keep paying for their membership of the elitist dinner club that is the poverty creating, protectionist racket called the EU. Now with the pact between Labour and the detestable Lib Dems, there can be no doubt about their anti British, elitist agenda. The Lib Dems wouldn’t have made the deal without a promise of the United Kingdom being forced to rejoin the EU. Naturally being a fanatical EUphile, Starmer would gladly agree. So Labour, the Lib Dems and the BBC have a plan. It involves a pact between Labour and the Lib Dems having them not standing against each other while the BBC does the major campigning on behalf of the coalition with anti-Conservative stories and political activists from the Regessive Alliance talking on the news with the BBC insisting it’s just some random British bloke talking. The don’t care about inflation causing hardship, they have no time for lives being improved by forward thinking Conservative policies. All they care about is themselves.  The thing they really hate about Brexit is the working class voted for it and they hate the working class passionately. The regressive alliance lead by Labour and the BBC with the Lib Dems as a sidekick are selfish, self entitled, uncaring individuals who are prepared to do anything to get their own way. They are full of envy, strife, deceit and malice. They are slanderers, haters, maleficent and arrogant. They are hypocritical liars so into having their own way it has burned their brains. Such is the nature of the regessive alliance of Labour, the Lib Dems and the BBC.

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