For those with Ears

I think I’ve said enough about the CofE Bishops for a bit but I have an interesting story to tell.

There was this group of shepherds who were given charge of a flock. But they weren’t good at their job. You see, they liked to put the flock in danger and many sheep seeing the danger went by the wayside and they let them go by the wayside. Though they noticed the sheep going by the wayside, they didn’t notice a good shepherd was then leading them.

Also they decided to turn their shepherding into a business and recruited their friends into the business even though their friends had no experience in shepherding or farming in general. This seemed good becuase they thought that sheep and little lambs were easy to control.

After some time because the shepherds liked their own comfort, they decided to leave the flock altogether for a time when the wolves were about. The wolves were about for a short time and then the shepherds went to look after their flock again.

As before they carried on leading the sheep into danger. Then they decided to lead the sheep into a great chasm, But the sheep would not go. They were most perplexed by this, so they looked at the flock and instead of seeing sheep and little lambs, they saw an army terrible with banners bearing down on them.

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