Today is Saint Etheldreda’s Day

Happy Saint Etheldreda’s Day. Saint Etheldreda (Audrey) Born in Exning, Suffolk, founder and Abbess of Ely, miracle worker

She was the most popular female saint in Anglo/Saxon times and many churches were dedicated to her including originally, Melton Old Church.

Saint Etheldreda’s relics are in the oldest Roman Catholic Church in England in London which is is dedicated to her due to it being on land once owned by the Bishop of Ely.

Throughout the Middle Ages, a festival, “St. Audrey’s Fair”, was held at Ely on her feast day which is today. The exceptional shodiness of the merchandise, especially the neckerchiefs, contributed to the English language the word “tawdry”, a corruption of “Saint Audrey”

In Ely Cathedral this Sunday there will be a sang Eucharist for The Feast of St Etheldreda at 10:30 AM you can watch it on Youtube here. Also, at 4pm Festal Evensong and Procession for the Feast of St EtheldredaWith a procession through the old cloister (Bishop’s Garden) to Ovin’s stone (steward of St Etheldreda) and to the site of her Shrine for blessing.

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