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The Junior partners of the Regressive Alliance of Labour, the BBC and the Liberal Democrats, have got themselves in a bit of bother with the senior partners of the Regressive Alliance, the Labour Party and the BBC. They tweeted a tweet condemning the rail strike when their regressive alliance comrades have been on the picket lines including 25 Labour MP’s and the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune’s Gary Liniker.

Then they remembered that they were not a serious party but Labour and the BBC’s lap dogs and deleted it three minutes later. We have not ascertained if it was due to the senior partners of the Regressive Alliance telling them to. This shows how fractous the alliance is. Obviously the Lib Dems, being a duplicitous, vulterine, backstabbing bunch would wait for a moment beneficial to them to go back on the deal. So the Lib Dems could do something to blow the not so secret pact to peices at any moment. The secret pact cost both official political parties £500 each in the by elections. Neither of them want to talk about the lost deposits.

Labour and the BBC’s puppet Ed Davey claims that Boris Johnson should resign because the Regressive Alliance are so scared of Boris and don’t want to face him at a General Election. Maybe the Regressuive Alliance know that their camapign startegy has a great many flaws which we will not discuss here.

Meanwhile locally the Lib Dems in general have shown what a bunch of duplicitous, self interested people they are. When a bunch of travelers parked up at the Martledham Park and Ride, Ed Thompson,  Martlesham and Purdis Farm councillor for the Liberal Democrats on East Suffolk Council, said: “Personally, I think if they have got to be somewhere, as long as they don’t cause trouble for the locals, they may as well be there rather than anywhere else.” More here. But then when travelers set up camp in the more suitable setting of Christchurch Park, the response from the Saint Margeret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dems was somewhat different. Oliver Holmes said “”As far as St Margaret’s residents are concerned, this is not an appropriate place for travellers.” More here. This shows what kind of people the Lib Dems are. If it doesn’t effect them, then let it roll but if it does effect them then they kick up a stink. It’s the same with their policy of open door immigration. They support it as long as other communities are wreclked by it rather than their own communities.

Also, we have been informed that there is much unrest amongst the East Suffolk Lib Dems. Due to there being no elections in East Suffolk last year, they couldn’t exagerate and be wicked and stir endlessly against other parties, so as it is in their nature to exagerate, be wicked and stir endlessly, they ended up exagerating, being wicked and stirring endlessly against each other. We have been informed that it has got to the point where individuals and factions have been frantically writing letters to Lib Dem headquarters being wicked, exagerating and stirring endlessly to get each other expelled from the party. We understand that there is a complete bloodbath taking place with lot’s of stirring, exagerating and wicked backstabbing. We have heard that they are in total disarray due to the amount of infighting. We have been informed that with the letters being written and the constant stirring with gossip and rumours, they are being as dirty and underhand campaigning against each other as they are when campaigning against other parties. Lib Dems could do with a taste of their own medicine and they’re the only ones low enough to administer it.

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