Today is Saint Tatwine’s Day

Today is the feast day of Saint Tatwine which this year has come about during the Lambeth Conference. Saint Tatwine was from the Anglo/Saxon kingdom of Mercia. He became a monk at the monastery at Breedon-on-the-Hill in Leicestershire, and then abbot of that house.

Through the influence of King Æthelbald he was consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury in the 10th of June 731.

Apart from his consecration of the Bishops of Lindsey and Selsey in 733, Saint Tatwine’s period as archbishop appears to have been uneventful but he is an inspiring Patriarch of the English Church nevertheless through his writings. He wrote a work on the grammar of Latin. Bede called him “vir religione et Prudentia insignis, sacris quoque literis nobiliter instructus” that is, ‘a man notable for his prudence, devotion and learning’ He alo wrote riddles.

Here is an example of one of his riddles.

Brought forth in the fiery womb of a blazing furnace,
my maker formed me one-eyed and frail;
yet surely none could ever live without me.
Strange to say, unless my eye is blinded,
my skill produces not the smallest piece of work

 He’s talking about a one eyed garlic grinder.

Now being a creative sort, after reading about Saint Tatwine while the Lambeth Conference is taking place, I feel inspired to write some riddles myself.

Here’s one.

“I produce eggs and provide milk and bring forth children. I am held in great honour for the perfect example of my kind bore the saviour of the world.

I wonder if anyone speaking at the Lamberth Conference can work out the meaning of the riddle.

Here’s another one.

“I am a mirror. I am a reflection of what is between the risen Lord and his holy Church which is that of a faithful husband and his radient bride. Therefore I hold together that which is between a man and a woman and as that between the risen Lord and his holy church brings forth fruit I have my being to bring forth fruit.”

I wonder if anyone speaking at the Lamberth Conference can work out the meaning of the riddle. It’s interesting that though the riddle is loaded with theoplgy, readers of this blog who haven’t studied theology understand it’s meaning. But the Church of England so called bishops feel the need to employ ‘Theology advisors.’ If you ask a Roman Catholic or Orthodox bishop about employing ‘Theology advisors.’ thay’d say that if they need ‘Theology advisors.’ then they’re not even qualified to run a parish let alone a diocese.

Saint Tatwine pray for us.

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