The Left Wing Platform that is Facebook

Facebook is a leftwing platform run by leftwingers who are in the process of purging it of right wing people. A number of UK Conservatives have been banned from the platform for not saying anything but for being Conservatives.

Facebook’s Thought Police are also not allowing articles of a Conservative nature to be published. They are so determined to snuff out the Conservative voice they are refusing to publish things from the British government claiming they are against community standards, misleading or declared false by their ‘independent fact checkers.’ This includes articles posted from the UK government’s own website. It doesn’t matter if the article was written by a left wing civil servant, it’s from a government which is lead by Conservative politicians, therefore is called misleading or against community standards.

Some feel so they are being persecuted by Nick Clegg for their Conservative views.

It is clear that Facebook is more extreme than Twitter is in regard to silenceing the views of Non woke, pro Brexit Conservative minded people.

Once a Conservative get’s targeted by them, they really get their teeth in, harrassing and making the platform impossible to use. It’s like the witch hunt the left wing media launched on Boris and plan to launch on Sunak if he becomes Prime Minister becuase they have plenty of mud on him to throw but nothing on Liz Truss, hence their current fuax support for Rishi Sunak. But Facebook is worse becuase they go for the average Joe Blogs who hasn’t got the resources to kick up a stink. Hence like the left in general, they are nasty bullies.

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