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Response to UKIP Leaflet

Tony Gould claims that he needs the electorate’s help to get us out of the EUSSRand claims that UKIP is the insurance policy for Brexit. Actually strong and stable leadership through the negotiations by Theresa May is the insurance policy … Continue reading

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Sat Nav Ade’s Leaflet

East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger has obtained a copy of the Saint Margeret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dem candidate Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett’s leaflet. It has a picture of Sat Nav Ade photoshopped near the Old Customs House to make it … Continue reading

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Corbyn’s Ipswich Candidate’s Leaflet

Ipswich Labour have been delivering junk mail in Gipping Ward. A copy of which has been obtained by Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger. The front of it has a picture of Jeremy Corbyn’s Candidate, Sandy Martin, outside the Garrett Anderson Centre. … Continue reading

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Theresa May’s Clarification of the Elderly Care Policies.

This morning our Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed further details on our long-term plan for elderly care. Speaking at the launch of the Welsh Conservative Manifesto she said: My manifesto is honest and upfront about our challenges. It includes … Continue reading

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Political Campaigning in Ipswich

UKIP don’t seem to have a campaign in Ipswich and we have been informed that the best Tony Gould is hoping for is not losing his deposit. The Lib Dems are also likely to lose their deposit. Sat Nav Ade … Continue reading

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Labour’s Lies and what the Conservative Manifesto really says

When Labour get desperate they get dirty and boy are they desperate at the moment. The more desperate Labour get the more dirty they get and the more repulsive their lies are. There are a few nasty lies that Labour … Continue reading

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Why I’m Voting Conservative

Originally posted on Political Emily:
As a young person whose political allegiances lie with the Conservatives I have received a lot of abuse. The most common accusations and comments I’ve received are usually along the lines of calling me rich…

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