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Happy Brexit Day!

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Reform Suffolk are right but could make things worse

At last weeks Borough Council meeting we had lots of political grandstanding from Ipswich Labour. David Ellesemere bored us all silly going on about the borough council being a living wage employer and getting rid of zero hour contracts. Ellesmere … Continue reading

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Remoaners at War!

The neo-liberal elite of the establishment’s useful idiots that make up the Remoaner movement are falling out with each other. The European Movement told it’s supporters not to attend yesterday’s pointless march through London, that was attended by a number … Continue reading

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Returned have the Stockholmites

Returned have the Stockholmites The same as they’ve always been, Claiming to stand up for rights Since nineteen-seventeen. The syndrome controls their will None blind as those who can’t see, Loving their captors still Since nineteen-seventy-three. The mind control specialists … Continue reading

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Ipswich, Colchester and Suffolk Reform

We all know how the Greater Ipswich Area is suffering due to ridiculous area boundaries and Reform Suffolk have candidates standing in this May’s council elections to increase the debate concerning the dilemma we now find ourselves in. While Reform … Continue reading

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Ipswich Borough Crèche Services

At this week’s Ipswich Borough executive meeting the representatives of users of the crèche service which Ipswich Labour seem to be completely hell bent on closing, presented their case and a petition. The users proposed to keep the service running … Continue reading

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Cry me a River

Yes Brexit is coming. We are leaving the European Union. We are going to be a free, self governing, global, out looking nation again. Oh happy day! Now we have to laugh at the sour, whinging remoaners. Lib Dem peer … Continue reading

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