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Anti slavery Task Force Announced

Sunday saw a landmark victory in the fight against modern-day slavery in the UK. The Greatest Prime Minister Since Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May created a new taskforce to coordinate the government response to slavery and pledged £33 million to dealing … Continue reading

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End sexual slavery

Randa was abducted by ISIS from northern Iraq along with her heavily-pregnant mother. Forced into slavery Randa was taken and raped by a man twice her age.1 She’s 16 years old. Esther Ruth Atim was kidnapped from Uganda when she … Continue reading

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David Cameron pledges to act on ‘shocking’ issue of trafficking of Vietnamese children

Speaking in Hanoi on a recent diplomatic visit to Vietnam, David Cameron condemnded the exploitation of Vietnamese children by human traffickers, and promised to take action to end trade in human beings from Vietnam to the United Kingdom. Organised criminal … Continue reading

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The Hijacking of Amnesty International

Amnesty International has been hijacked by a bunch of people who want to justify their extortionate CEO salaries by bringing in things that are detrimental to people. They work very much like the people who run the European Union, in … Continue reading

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